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[MT] Chibi/Waist-up Commissions

**on hold til christmas**

Chibi - 15k
Character(c) Amoretti

Waist-up - 25k per character (Note: I couldn't find a good ref picture as of recently, but it will be linearted and properly colored :joy: )

Some things to note:
-Will not draw anything 18+
-Will not draw super complicated armor (ex. the dragon one lol)
-I'm not the best at drawing Barakas, Amani, and popo's, but ill def try.
-Payment should be after I deliver the sketch, then I will continue with the lineart and coloring.

If you are interested comment here or DM me please.


  • Omg dude how will I not remember you. You drew one of my favourite ever comissions for me and my boyfriend's characters♥!

    I'm def interested in a waist up, save me a spot, I haven't been able to log in lately because of all the in game issues but I'm sure I have 25k laying around with your name :3!
  • FerriaFerria ✭✭✭
    Ah lovely o3o;; Wanna see more samples and have a slot :3
  • @CandyMomoko
    Ah! ;w; thank you so much ! I️ will hold a slot!

    I’m on my phone currently, but I️ will dm you with more examples tomorrow afternoon!
  • FerriaFerria ✭✭✭
    That'd be lovely, thank you! <3
  • I love your art! I'm wondering if you take elite vouchers for payment? I'm very interested in a couple waist up!
  • @Kitsubii
    Elite vouchers will work perfectly fine as payment; however, my commissions will be on hold till after Christmas since I have secret santa things to finish up ^^ I can add you to the wait list if you would like; just send the info in the DM and i will add you.
  • I would actually love a waist-up by you but I have no money T_T
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