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Extra Life - EME Dream Stream Team Top 3 and 5 Earners

I was just curious if the top 5 (TERA unity stoles) and top 3 (Closers Founder Packs) earners for EME's team roster were finalized? Thanks in advance for any information!


  • Just bumping this since I've tried every possible means (including sending an e-mail to [email protected]) to find out what happened to this?
  • Check your e-mail please :)
  • Hey Spacecats!

    I tried replying to your e-mail back on December 2nd and then the 7th to let you know that I haven't gotten the rewards yet (not sure if it is something applied to the account or codes sent via e-mail but I checked spam inbox in case). Decided to try pinging you here again. Thanks.
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