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I think its is really amazing that we came from no battlegrounds at all to nonstop daily games. It just goes to show how much the player vs player community can spark alive when En Masse Entertainment puts genuine time and effort into setting up the power calendar hours. Just an appreciation shout out to the game staff for really redeeming themselves to the competitive aspect of the game. Looks like they finally came around to focus on our beloved playerbase.

Three months ago - barely had a single battleground a week

Present - Fraywind Canyon every single day for at least 10+ hours


  • MystletainnMystletainn ✭✭✭
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    Wait, you know it wasn't EME that made FWC pop every night right? The community, especially on MT, made their own FWC discord and made it pop every night and they still set the hours it will be active. They are doing it for 3s as well, even going as far to make a team 3s night where people can queue into team with guardian gear. This had nothing to do with EME, they haven't changed their approach in 3 years and have refused to do pvp tourneys cause they take up too much resources and are too much trouble. I just think you should tank the right people.
  • Thank you Soul.Seeker.Reap for reviving PvP. We are very grateful for your efforts.
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    eme coordinated with player council to make the calendar and thats the reason why you see everyone celebrating it. you should put credit where credit is due, or is this the Tera Online discord where people always blatantly insults eme for no reason? acknowledge some form of eme bcuz the calendar def encouraged people to play. sick of all these people meming in global chat when they never bring up actual information

    people such as u @Mystletainn
  • What? FWC discord is all about memes and [filtered]. EME's rarely a topic of discussion.
  • FWC popping everyday is definitely because of the Discord. It was popping before the calendar came out. However, the other battlegrounds are definitely popping because of the calendar, but FWC ends up taking over anyways. Thanks for leaving one obligatory day of CS instead of adding another day of FWC/Skyring, I guess.
  • MystletainnMystletainn ✭✭✭
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    Ok look the calendar has been around for what? 1-2 years now, and yes it made each BG pop on that day and be dead every single other day of the week. They get credit for making each BG pop on a given day but the OP, to quote, says

    Present - Fraywind Canyon every single day for at least 10+ hours.

    My moderate level of read comprehension tells me he is referring to +10 hours a day of FWC, which EME is not to thank for. It was a coordinated effort of people on all servers (starting on MT I think) to make the BG pop daily, have team matches, and as I said now to do something similar for team 3s. It's ok if you are uninformed, you have a lot on your mind making throw away accounts to sing your favorite publishers undeserved praises.

    For real though, I think those guys deserve credit for the work they put in to make FWC literally pop all day everyday, That wasn't EME. I's also sorry you seem to have an issue with global chat, you could always ask EME if you have questions. I'm sure they can give you a taste of their legendary knowledge of the game and it's workings outside of the business side. Have you tried their game guide from 2012?


    I'm sure you will find up-to-date info about all your questions there!

    (I hope they aren't paying you white knights too much. You kinda suck at your job.)
  • @MA946AEA7F You are absolutely clueless if you think the consistency in Fraywind popping regardless of the rewards (which there are multiple threads complaining about). Yes there is a BG calendar as Myst said, but don't think once that the activity of PvP comes from anywhere apart from the public discord many of the older PvPers have put together. You may be a casual, but some players who like to PvP for hours on end .. are grateful for the efforts everyone in the discord has put together.

    @Mystletainn You are pretty spot on with everything you just said. Ignore the trolls. Let's que tonight :)
  • How do I dislike this thread?~ :/
    What a joke , EME did nothing to help pvp. It's all thanks to the FWC Discord group to keep the pvp up. Also if you want to give them credit on the battleground rewards, sure go ahead, but honestly it's junk. I mean..... WOAH 4x Titan Embers ~ "I totally need this"~ If they actually listened to the pvp community on what we need, they would notice ppl are asking about emeralds/ diamonds and essenses being put into the rewards.
    For the love of PVP....
  • There’s a reason why eme removes the dislike button. It’s actually quiet useful when a whole group / community points out how much they dislike an event or the current status because a lot of time even if we voice out they also delete the thread and lock it up when they don’t get what they like.
  • I thought you were being sarcastic in all honesty... But i guess power hours are indeed the main reason to queue... as long as the drops are worth it...
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