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Accidently claimed Elin Gunner Reward Box on a Non-elin gunner

halp. what can i do


  • And I guess if you claim your box and decide to delete and remake your gunner you're out of luck too? No box at all? Because that sucks if so.
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    They just posted in Discord that the "elin gunner box issue" (noted in the yellow notice above) is that they'll make the box bankable, so you can give it to your elin gunner alt. So answer is... wait for tomorrow's maintenance and then you'll be okay.
  • You can still open it with the different character, take the suit and weapon skin, and put them in the wardrobe - they are bankable - and you can use the other stuff normally. I accidentally took them with my Castanic warrior, and I can't claim it on a different server, the only thing that sucks is that it is account bind and if you use it on a server which you don't plan on playing for long and not on your main server - like me - it's gonna go to a total waste.

    Stuff happens, it's cool anyways, this is a nice time to have people gathering and lvling and running dungeons again.
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    who has the marvellous idea to made those boxes no bankable ? :3

    because him i am stuck with 6 items i cant delete for at least 2 weeks :D
  • Welp, too late. Oh well. At least the important stuff is bankable / wardrobe-able.
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