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BHS New Game Project W



  • AtorisanAtorisan ✭✭
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    Vunak wrote: »
    The only thing Kakao did that was really bad was horrible server location.

    What about the terrible Communication (both Internal & External) on their Forums ? even Ncsoft shows up once in a while at their boards, but Kakao ? it can take weeks before getting any Feedback on emergencies situations - for example : Valkyries shield block got buged at certain patch, the bug made the class almost unplayable, and was reported during the same day as the maintenance that caused it, in the end it took Kakao ~2months + to even acknowledged the bug, and then sent it to "Sauron", aka PA, for a fix.

    What about the Terrible Maintenances, it take them ~6/7+ Hours each week for any REGULAR maintenance, and almost 99% of the time it get extended, every single week. And btw, don't even expect patch notes before maint at all, in fact they are usually posted AFTER the maintenance ... by 2 up to 7+ hours difference.

    What about NOT forcing their own policies against Bots & Cheaters, the "BladeBoques" example is a famous case within the Bdo community of a streamer exploiter who received a miserable 3 days bans, even tho he got caught LIVE and TWICE with hard evidences on screen of his exploit (Double worker on the same node incident) that lasted roughly 6+ months (~estimation).

    Does this sound like a company to be trusted ? as i said, i have already unchecked this game off my interest list, just because it's going to be published by such a shity company, as a founder & veteran Bdo player, i am sick of them.

    I would like to apologize on my aggressive tone in the previous post, i saw the video in the OP few days ago, and was excited for the game, since not many promising stuff on the horizon, however .. my excitement just shattered when i knew it was taken by Kakao as a publisher instead of the BHS official representative in NA = EME.
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    Vunak wrote: »
    Atorisan wrote: »
    Why isn't this published by EmE ??

    Are the retards at BHS went over 9k the [filtered] scale and choosed the worst garbage publisher possible : Kakao (the morons responsible for the Grind/Afk game that is Bdo), as an Ex-Bdo player in Europe i would take even gameforge than Kakao any single day!!

    I guess i'll just uncheck this game off my list, just like i did with Bless when i knew Aeria games is going to publish it.

    Also who's the idiot who said ? Kakao can be trusted in big title ?

    I might sound aggressive, but there is a min level of stupid a sane person can endure per day, and the above informations have enough stupid to last for few years ...

    The only thing Kakao did that was really bad was horrible server location. Kakao isn't behind the actual development of BDO. That is like blaming EME for class imbalance in TERA. Kakao is just the Publisher. Pearl Abyss was the developer behind BDO and all the games bad systems like fail stacking and endless grind all fall on them.

    However I am worried they will place the servers in the same location as BDOs and have terrible performance like BDO because of it. I never understood why they decided to put the servers on the furthest part of the west coast away from their highest areas of population which would be the along the east coast... I mean there is a reason League and other games moved their servers from the West to a more centralized location.

    That said I would of rather of seen EME get the title. EME is a lot more personal with its community than Kakao is. EME does streams and things of that nature to get information out. But its not like EME is perfect. I am honestly just glad TRION didn't get it as that would of been another good game wasted on a terrible company.

    look the bright side at least pearl abyss doesnt remove content like bhs with tera ;)
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    New G-Star video came out. Enjoy~ (or whatever)
    > Classes explained.

    > Actual in-game video at G-Star.
  • ArdireArdire ✭✭✭✭✭
    i assume that tera music you hear during the in-game video is not coming from the actual game cause that sent me for a trip
  • looks sorta skyrimy
  • Media interview at Bluehole G-Star booth. Hyung Jun Kin PD. (source http://www.thisisgame.com/webzine/news/nboard/4/?n=77543 )

    1> Why Steampunk?
    One person told me "MMORPG shouldn't run around on field anymore". I couldn't remove all that but when I was looking for new contents I thought Steampunk would be nice. So I researched the meaning of Steampunk and looked up several books and all that but couldn't understand the true meaning of it.
    The biggest reason to pick Steampunk was tried to be look differently. Also when people says I don't know what this game is, then we could just say it is because Steampunk when there are magic and machine comes out together.

    2> How do you think about developing MMORPG in current slugging state of PC online gaming market?
    I'm in this developing PC game for long time now and couldn't predict this was happenings.
    At this stage, developing PC game is quite difficult. Smart phone game takes less time to develop. When mobile and PC game start develop at same time, mobile game comes out first when PC game is in middle of development. When I see mobile games making progress I kinda feel depressing.

    3> Current state of development?
    Around 60~70%. Had to delay CBT schedule a bit.

    4> How many CBT is planned?
    One in December then one more in next year. Official opening in 2018 is current goal.

    5> Can we ride flying ship at when?
    You can reach max level cap in 6 hours (in CBT). We included quest to get used to how to flying ship as well. Like dodge bullets and hunting monsters.

    6> What do you want to say about 1st CBT?
    World quest was one of most difficult stuff to make. It happens at lots of situations so you can enjoy the unique event every time you find it. Because players are sitting in front of PC for long while playing this game, we especially put more attention to PvP and RvR. Also flying your own ship is strength of this game so please enjoy it.

    7> What to look from 1st CBT?
    We are in 3rd year of developing this game, so I told my team "try to be big Well-made game". I'm expecting to see several problem during the CBT. Had to check how server doing when hundreds of ships flying around. For now, we will do best to check every possible problem that can happen in test. There are still lot to do like customising contents and tasks to finish. Because there are lots of unique fun and equally lots of special bugs.

    8> What about "customising"? can you explain a bit deeper?
    In old times, each developer had to make one quest each, but that will reach physical limit quite fast. There are 8 "G-Quest". Which will create the quest depends on your current position. If you like hunting more, then game will create more hunting quest.
    As for skills, you can change single or multi target, change elements and such.
    You can even change looks of your ship. So this game offers lots of choice to have. Quests and Instance dungeon will be able to customise as well.

    9> Difference between World and G-Quest?
    World quest is like racing, Battle Royal or other mini games. They are lot different to G-Quest.

    10> If there are big RvR and customising contents, are we there to expect lots of server problem and higher PC requirements?
    We are already expecting big server problem but try to minimise it much as possible. For the requirements, we are expecting i5 and GTX 970 (as minimum?).

    11> When can we play RvR?
    You can pick your faction from level 28. So you can play RvR from that level.

    12> What about Fortress battle?
    There is no fortress battle in CBT. Fortress battle is kind of conquering land to rule concept. There will be huge flying ship which will become airship carrier. One of faction will control huge airship and invade other faction's fortress to battle. Right now we just build basic stuff for fortress battle. Because it is huge ship, there will be lots of guns and machine guns.

    13> It is kinda new with flying ship and that, what was hard to make it?
    Balance is biggest concern when we developing it. There is no huge gaps between man and ship. If robot or ship is too strong, it will be just one sided game and no fun from playing it. Depends on how do you play, even on foot you can win against robots or flying ship.
    We are thinking "Time" is very important factor in developing game. Like leveling up and control your ship is different stuff to do and hard to combine them into one. In this game, leveling and contents progress happen all in one time.

    14> Can you hijack opponents flying ship?
    Yes. Invade other faction and able to get on enemy flying ship as well. But cannot be doing that in normal field.

    15> How about raid and PvE?

    There will be huge raid boss. You will be on ship while defeating it. So naturally you will be on ship while doing raid. There will be more machine civilisation in end game and raid boss too will be machine.

    16> Seems like difficult to control a huge ship that requires 75 people.
    For control it, someone who knows better (to order around) have to do it. Normally when we made RvR, there was no method to control players. But on the ship, there is lots of ways to control what players can do on ship. We can provide many kinds of ship - assault or max speed etc.

    17> Can ship can travel long distances?
    Basically they can travel long distances but it will take long time to get to destination as well. You can warp between outpost/town and summon ship to minimise travel time.

    18> Because there are flying ships which does not restricted to be on field, there must be lots to do in game.
    There will be task to hunt down flying monsters and PvP which can be used flying ships to enjoy. Ship is also needed for gathering so isn't just for hunting as well. You can even get off from ship and move around on feet too.

    19> Ship can be broken?
    If it take damage then yes. Can crash and break down so you will have to fix it later.

    20> What is there to customise ship?
    Currently there is not much to do in CBT version. Changing tail wing, body ornament, replace machine guns, change colors etc. Depends on parts, attack power and defence rating will change. We will also have plan to include ship crew (NPC) as well.

    21> We think it will be important to balance faction power.
    You can pick your faction near level cap. We will adjust the balance when that happens. It will be difficult to balance faction power in live service but for now we will do that with help of monsters. For example, if one faction become stronger, monsters will target stronger faction more than other faction players.

    22> What is there for social contents?
    There will be gathering and crafting to do. You can have house from level 30. You can place pond, farming field and living place in house. You can also rise farm animals. It will be possible for enemy players to invade house as well. You cannot pillage house or steal things from it from there though.

    23> Feels like there should be more action to do in game.
    Unlike others, we are developing game to have less action. Because mechanical targeting system can make players unhappy and tedious. Game will automatically target enemies and all you have to do is just watch character do attack without clicking.

    24> Why use Unreal Engine 3? (where there is UE4)
    This game is developed in free developing environment in Bluehole. We can achieve lots with doing what we wanted to do. The reason to use UE3 was if we change engine to newest system, we had to adjust our technology to it. Which takes time and that will lead to longer develop time. Rather than bring in higher grade graphics, we focused to give players special experience.

    25> We can see frame rate drops in teaser video and also demo got long loading time as well.
    Optimisation is on top priority of out team. CBT version will have less loading time than G-Star version.
    Also in trailer, there is scene that use mouse to play game and that is the reason might people see it (moving mouse) as frame rate drops.
    We know 100 of players on the every kind of ship will have impact on frame rate drops. But we are make sure everything goes smoothly in game much as possible.

    26> Because TERA and PUBG was huge success in oversea, what is targeting market?
    We tries to remove much stuff as possible that can give negative feeling from Korean made games. We tried not to game to have local (national) colors in game. We check it rigorously from early stages of development, and same goes to PUBG as well.

    27> What payment system will be in?
    None of that will become game breaking. There will be no PAY-to-WIN stuff. If this game gets good feedback, then we might add special looking ship or furniture to sell.

    28> Fun to stream game playing video?
    Since we are on same company as PUBG, there is world quest that expect players to fight each other in sudden death rules. If players die in that event, he/she can become ghost and can see battle field as observer.

    29> What is goal of this game?
    We hope to have some competitive power with this game. I wish this game should have much better reviews but also to have good experience with technical matters with special server setups, new tries and challenges.

    30> What do you mean by special server?
    Like other games test server, we are planning to provide server with different balance system. With that we could find new possibilities.

    31> Did you prepared for global service too?
    NA, EU and Japan are already made deal with publishers. Russia is currently in negotiation.

    32> Will there be console version?
    There is team specialised in console port. Can easily switch in same engine. We also have interest in mobile platform as well.

    33> Since there are lots of contents, how do you manage with update?
    It is easy to update. Because there are lots of modular contents that is well designed. Also there is no level difference in field so not many are going to waste as well (because of level difference). We expect this game to be on long run so designed the game accordingly.

    34> Lastly...
    This game is special challenge for us so we needed lots of courage. There are lots of failure as well so if you find this game is not to be expected, please be generous.
    It is difficult to make game on PC platform, but this game is developed with strong will by Bluehole. To have users play this game, we think it is important to provide lots of experience as much as possible.
  • So nothing on Project EXA? Or was it codename for Tera M?

    As for A:IR, combat seemed "weaker" and less fluid than in Tera or even BDO. Hopefully it will improve.

  • TERA M is developed by NetMarble, not by Bluehole. Still no info on EXA at this point.
    Also forget about TERA M (which just started full service in Korea) because that is another "automatic game that only you can do is buy loot boxes". All you can do is watch game play everything for you (from hunting to questing) and just change equipment once in a while.
  • please tell me just please tell me blueholes even trying to fix what they have not fixed in there engine they got right now
  • They plan on makeing another game and they can't even take advice from majority of people that get all the issues in the server based and frame loss because of there engine they designed they brought the game out to soon there is still way to many bugs needed to be fixed lets just say the game would be great if it did not have flaws in it and did more with it
  • AIR basic background story video.

    Simple "what is going on?" digest.

    > There were three nations in planet Hass. Vulpin, Ontari and Nous.
    > Vulpin and Ontari were at endless war to seek immortal life.
    > Because of war, Nous is become wasted away slowly.
    > That didn't last long for Nous, until they found Levitate Stone and use that to build flying ship.
    > One day Prophet came to King of Nous and says end of world is coming.
    > From that day, King start to have nightmare and began the building of huge flying ship called "Embryon" for survival of people.
    > Day of end came as prophet said. People of Vulpin and Ontari people were turned into soul while people of Nous watched it above from Embryon.
    > After days of drifting sky, people of Nous have found the floating isle.
    > They start rebuilding civilization but that didn't go well.
    > One magician came to King and said they could use help from lost people of Vulpin and Ontari who have the ability of magic.
    > King didn't liked the idea because they might start the war again, but accepted the Resurrection of Vulpin and Ontari people by delete their memories.
    > Countless souls have came down to resurrection room and many immortals are risen from the dead.
    > That is how Child of Stars began.
  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    24> Why use Unreal Engine 3? (where there is UE4)
    This game is developed in free developing environment in Bluehole. We can achieve lots with doing what we wanted to do. The reason to use UE3 was if we change engine to newest system, we had to adjust our technology to it. Which takes time and that will lead to longer develop time. Rather than bring in higher grade graphics, we focused to give players special experience.

    25> We can see frame rate drops in teaser video and also demo got long loading time as well.
    Optimisation is on top priority of out team. CBT version will have less loading time than G-Star version.
    Also in trailer, there is scene that use mouse to play game and that is the reason might people see it (moving mouse) as frame rate drops.



    I feel the Nexus FPS issue will be the same for this

    Well, their other game, PUBG, had optimization issues too (no surprise), and seems they were willing to take care of it there. Maybe they'll manage to reduce it for this game. More effort had been put into PUBG, and this new game will probably see more effort poured into it than Tera too.
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