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Stepstone isle can't get out need help (case Solved)

accidentally pressed my stepstone island save from "Travel Journal" now i can't tele out and i dont have a quest T_T


  • [img][/img]TERA_ScreenShot_20171201_232622_zpsxmlli53w.png
  • I'm pretty sure if you walk towards the town the way you would if you had the quest, there is some way past the barricade. It's been a while since I did it, but I'm pretty sure they give you some way to get through.
  • Nevermind found the quest... will marking this as solved case
  • I attempted to TP you out to save a little time (looks like it worked?). Glad you were able to pick up the quest, though. The accessibility of Stepstone was recently changed and getting stuck like this is an odd consequence of that.
  • iLuckyiLucky ✭✭✭
    Just a PSA, even if you complete the quest or not; the only way off the island is via the pegasus. You cannot port/friend summon/anything off the island in any situation. That being said, once you are IN FLIGHT, you can get summoned/use vanguard "redeem" teleport and what not. This is the design and not a bug. The island is made to not allow people to teleport off of it, just need access to the pegasus.
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