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Elin Cutie costumes

Any Chance the Elin cutie star costumes will return to the shop eventually? I couldn't get one during black Friday week end because i was in between paychecks and very much broke. I really wanted one, but don't have nearly enough gold to buy in game lol.


  • edited December 2017
    The impression they've given is that they'll be like the Blackheart weapon skins that were a previous "Black Friday Special", meaning that they'll only be sold at "special occasions". So probably yes, eventually, but not in the next little while.

    There will be another outfit with a similar theme that should be coming soon, I would think, but they haven't announced that yet. (Maybe Thursday?)
  • hope so, really wanted one, hate to have to miss out cuz i choose to pay rent...
  • Am glad you have your priorities in check lol

    You can always sell emp for gold to afford one.
  • Hmm, i think that unlike the blackheart, it should be like the black/white picnic costume and stay as lootbox permanently in the shop, since that costume is just the special variant of the idol costumes that are dyable.
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