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Federation Bill Store Loot Boxes



  • tisnotmetisnotme ✭✭✭✭
    This is why I personally see the closing of the Fed shop to reset the fed bill economy seeing some (like me) have shut loads of them (and that's even after I've bought mounts like the nexus from store for my toons) and for years they have been trying to work out a way to reduce the numbers sitting in people's accounts
  • i hav 5630 fb .. gg
  • And then there is me, with only 95 bills because I bought shape changers before taking a break from Tera. Haha what terrible luck I have. I had to do something with all the bills in my bank. I had all the mounts that you could earn in game, Death Charger, Nexus, etc. Oh well, I voted anyways. Hopefully I can get something and if not at least others can spend their Bills on good stuff.
  • Like seriously is people only voting for the weapons? what on earth guys
  • WYA3YF6HWH wrote: »
    Like seriously is people only voting for the weapons? what on earth guys

    The starglow weapon skin looks good on most classes, and it's super expensive, so of course most people will want it. Same goes for the dragon weapon skins. As for the starglow costume it's worth a fair bit and looks decent on some races.

    Nobody wants some crappy accessory loot box so the visor would never win. The party down box is just a re-release of an old costume that's been given away a million times. The volcanic armour sets are kind of niche, so it's not likely to get many votes. The wolf mounts aren't really good looking, you "get" a free one with elite right now, and they don't give any bonuses like the dragon/phoenix mounts which the market got flooded with recently.

    The current poll results are honestly not that surprising, most people could have guessed the top 3 before even seeing the votes.
  • .........I was hoping for the Phoenix or Dragon mount....
  • I have 15 fb, Lol
  • starglow wep and costume aint even that great smh
  • Aw no phoenix lootboxes? :'(
  • people voting on weapon boxes... "people, what a bunch of bastards"
  • ArdireArdire ✭✭✭✭✭
    ya'll are so dumb coming in here and talking about how you have 39590603 bills saved up because for some ungodly reason ya didn't even bother to buy changers to sell or anything

    have fun with your 1000 bills per lootbox
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Not like we are gonna get anything outta those loot boxes, but meh.
    edited December 2017
    LesbianVi wrote: »
    Not like we are gonna get anything outta those loot boxes, but meh.

    I thought that we get something more guaranteed but its only lootboxes ( this reminds me of the days when i was opening 70boxes and no felicity ). Regardless, the starglow lootboox costs 7.5k on MT and is it really realistic to make it cost 100 or 200 federation bills? I mean, if it will cost 100 federation bills then we needed to log in for 20 up to 40 days for a box that costs has a value of 7.5k.. And how is this even exciting?
    Catservant wrote: »
    Ardire wrote: »
    pls do keep in mind that we've only been getting 5 bills a day and most people gradually spend their bills from time to time, mostly on shape changers. so just... pls don't make the loot boxes like a 100 bills each, pls i'm beggin u....

    Honestly, there are a lot of people who have been hoarding these for a very long time and have thousands of fed bills waiting to spend. So I don't envy them trying to come up with the right price, honestly -- there'll be a huge disparity in the amount people have.

    There are people with barely any, people with a couple thousand, and I've heard from people previously that they have more than 10,000. Played for years and never bought a thing.

    We could get 150 federation bills per month and that means 1800 federation bills per year so i am not really sure how theoretically there are players that have 10k federation bills after playing for years.. and do not tell me that they used a dual client because nobody in the right mind will log in every day with more accounts to get federation bills that throughout the time had almost no use. Besides, there were players that quit or took breaks for a long time and there are players that simply spent their bills on shape change sizers..

    Anyway, i do not think that it is fair to boost the prices to 100 or 200 federation bills as in 20 up to 40 days of being logged in for a box that has a of 7.5k gold and a small chance to give the desired item considering that there might be someone that magically has over 5k federation bills which even if it is true then that must be 0.05% of the entire player base.
  • AryixAryix ✭✭✭
    A possible way to calculate cost of lootbox could be like this:

    Since you get 15 EMP from elite per day, you can get 1 loot box that is worth 150 EMP after 10 days.
    So, if you log on for 10 days, you get 50 Federation Bills, which could be the cost of a 150 EMP loot box.

    Kinda applying one logic to another >_> but of course, this ignores how many fed bills people already. Old playes might have thousands or just a couple of hundred. Players from under a year will have at most 1.8k or so if they logged in every day and didn't spend them, which is kind of unreal.

    100 seems like the border max, since they will be just loot boxes, too. Not saying it is a bad thing, but we won't get any premium item for free for sure, just the chance at one.

    Thank you for these choices tho :3 I've been wanting a chance at Starglow costume myself.
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