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Another Catch-22. Always been there or new.

So I drift back to Tera after a while and start fresh on a new server due to having existing characters marooned on FF (PVP gives me heartburn and the transfer functionality appears broken).

The usual Catch-22s endemic to all MMORPGs naturally remain - can't get gear without a guild; can't get in a guild without gear. That's annoying and tiresome but normal.

But I notice a "guild invite" lurking that I had missed previously and accept. Here's the new (I think) Catch-22: you can't rise in the guild without contributing and you can't contribute - seriously. Who thought this was a good idea? The guild quests are all "grayed out" with a tooltip stating that some muckity muck in the guild has to enable the acceptance of quests?!

Obviously being in such a guild is indistinguishable from not being in a guild at all. I just thought I'd ask if this is the new normal. Despite having over 100 members catching a member online is proving a challenge.


  • You can give guild xp by leveling up or doing ravenous gorge, shattered fleet, and kalivain's challenge.
  • That's good to know - thanks.

    But I don't believe I'm up for soloing Ravenous Gorge even if it is a 3 person. The other two are 5 person and I've never seen 4 other guild members online at one time. My guild character is level 65 so nowhere to go by leveling up.

    Getting in the queue for a random group is an option but that was the case without the guild.

    All guild quests whether small, medium or large have "grayed out" buttons for accepting.

    While I can't see a reason for disallowing guild quests to a new member I really, really can't see the logic in prohibiting guild bank DEPOSITS.

    But it's more baffling than annoying.

  • ArdireArdire ✭✭✭✭✭
    guilds have ranks and however the guild master creates them the ranks have different privileges-- accepting guild quests (that apply to the ENTIRE guild once accepted) and bank usage are some of these privileges

    chances are you're just some newbie to the guild with no ranking so you have no privileges. that being said if you're in a guild that doesn't accept guild quests then... find a new one... cause that one is dead....
  • If there are barely any other guild members online when you play, fins another guild. It might not necessarily be dead all the time, but it's still useless to you.
  • Don't forget about time zones.
    That guild seems dead or even if its not it has nothing to offer you.
    Neither runs, nor community, not advise and help.
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