Spent 500$ and didn't get a single box, how come EME?



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    Here I spent 500$ on starglow boxes that's like what, 400 boxes? didn't get one. GJ EME as usual lmfao

    yet people whining about maint w/o notice in advance

    you need to spend whatevers in your bank account to get what you want okay? okay.
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    There, support his - Chris Lee's work and make EME (and other publishers) show percentage of winning chances on those boxes. That will make things bit more clear on loot boxes and make people think twice before spend money on it.

    Showing percentages aren't going to fix the problem, just like how slapping a label on everything we eat didn't change eating habits. Those who buy loot boxes already know the odds are against them, they don't need some disclaimer to know that. The rest of what he talked about doesn't apply to games like Tera either, these laws would be targeted at AAA games where a large portion of the audience would be younger.

    This is just another example of politicians who don't know what they're talking about just trying to get attention. If you want to see how it doesn't work, feel free to look at China. They clarified their laws for online games as of May 2017 (and began random checks), this included the requiring devs/publishers to list content inside loot boxes, the odds of getting them and even displaying and keeping a record of everything obtained and by who for at least 90 days. China also even requires an ID and without verifying your ID with one that belongs to an adult you're limited as to what you can do in games there. China even enforces a spending limit per session.

    Despite all that, loot boxes are still everywhere. Even for games developed in the West and brought to China loot boxes stay, they only change a couple things and follow the display+recording regulations.

    It's all about informed decision. Knowing that my chances are .00001% that I'll receive an item from a loot box and still blowing $500 on them is different from not knowing the odds and assuming that I'll get an item eventually. Someone who isn't familiar with how the loot box scheme works would naturally spend more on them than someone who is well informed.

    I agree that people would still blow their money on loot boxes regardless of whether or not the odds were posted. Some people with a lot of money to burn may actually prefer lower chances of winning because it would increase the rarity (value) of an item.
  • In other word, its your own fault for being financially irresponsible.

    Normal people would've stop at 100$, heck, I stopped at 50$.
    If 50$ doesnt give me a good deal, i ain't going further than that...
  • Damn! i bought one box and won! I love RNG
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    Damn! i bought one box and won! I love RNG

  • Calling it gambling in order to justify litigation strikes me as a real stretch and rather of a poor analogy at least in the US.

    Perhaps a better analogy than gambling where one gets nothing in return when one loses would be the US-specific example of Cracker Jacks.

    You may not get the prize you wanted but you got *a* prize and of course you got the box full of Cracker Jacks - Cracker Jacks in this case consisting of emblems and alternate prizes ranging from crafter's cures, golden talents, sometimes silver talents and yadda yadda.

    And Cracker Jacks have been marketed to children in the US for better than 120 years. Chances are EM's US attorneys know this and keep the loot boxes worth something even if you don't score the boudoir wear you really wanted.

    Getting politicians involved never goes well. Again, a US specific observation where their primary concern is grandstanding in front of the cameras. When that happens the loot boxes requiring a metaphorical scalpel are instead under the "violent video games are bad" blunt force instrument. Nothing ruins anything faster than US legislators taking an interest in it.
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    Niptease wrote: »
    Damn! i bought one box and won!
  • welcome to Tera RNG

    i bough about 300 2017 swimsuit boxes and i didt get the summer wrap :(

    and i bough 5 starglow weapon box and get 1 :dizzy:
  • This thread has run its course and contains a lot of bickering and boasting, so I'm closing it. The nature of loot boxes is defined in the description of the item - they are a chance to receive multiple different items (you never receive an empty box).

    Please respect the purchase decisions of others - and for those who don't like the loot box method, some items will always be exclusive to that system but we'll continue to work on alternative methods to get cool items in TERA. We never want people to feel like they got zero reward when putting in the time, effort, or money towards enjoying the game.
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