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Permanent Crystal Bind Being Removed...[Discussion]



  • if they perma remove CCB, it would be nice to get something in return added to Elite, gem bag would be nice for example :#
  • I am cancelling my rotating Elite that I've had since I started this game. It's not worth it anymore.
    When you get your [filtered] together and update it, make it worth the money, then I'll buy it again.
  • As an Elite player I don't mind it getting removed. I liked having it there sure, but it took away a lot of responsibility. I kind of enjoyed having to remind myself to use my binds sure, I am weird for it but I don't mind,. Either way we have crystal binds so why does it even matter. Stop being lazy players and stop wanting everything handed to you.
  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2017
    Margarethe wrote: »
    ElinUsagi wrote: »
    ElinUsagi wrote: »
    ... why did you not consult with community before making these changes? Why did you not make pool and have people vote ? Why do you have make THE WORST [filtered] decisions ? You just basically took yet another reason for people to buy elite.

    The perma ccb is not even a reason to buy elite.

    Is just a minor QoL that feeds our laziness, nothing more, nothing to make a fuzz over it but if they can give it back in a better way then it will be welcome.

    Its a reason for me, and since I am a customer that buys elite, your reply is invalid, so off on your way

    It seems you can't make a post were you are not insult another being in your life, right?

    You are the kind of people that thinks that things that are good for them are good for everyone else and if another don't concur with you then the other one is in the wrong, kind of person that is not even worth discussing something because he is not open to opinions in the first place.

    If you are like this in-game also then I can understand why the game is "dead" for you.

    Curious, where was the insult?
    Time to start bickering and derail another thread?

    You can look at that user post even in the old forums and you will always see the agressive or over agresive way to reply to others that not share his way of thinking, no he made not write and insult but his whole post is just a way to attack another person because his mind set.

    He is not open to discuss the main topic of the thread, he is only bringing salt and making attacks agains who ever don't think as him.

    I didnt derailed the thread but make an opinion about the perma ccb but he make a reply that can be cut in "they are needed for me" but he extended the "your opinion is invalid, so off on your way", then you mean that sentence is in topic, right?
  • Spacecats wrote: »
    JXE5356AKE wrote: »
    How many types of crystalbinds do we have already though. Aren't you just blocking up our inventory space. That's also obnoxious. There's no consistency in the type of crystalbinds we get.

    There's actually a lot of different ones in the game. Sure we don't want to clog up inventories but ideally you're using the ones you get, right? If we switch to 3-hour versions, or 12-hour versions, you can always destroy ones you don't need. Again we just want to make sure Elite players have as many crystalbinds as they need. There's no benefit to hoarding extras you don't think you'll use in the future.

    Sure I get your point, but the 12 hour CCBs and the 1 hours CCBs are constantly entering our inventory due to loot and the vanguard systems. It's more of the annoyance of constantly deleting items to make inventory space. Also with the addition of the new type of CCB to the elite consumable box, we need more open inventory slots than previously required just to open one. If you wanted to open 2 boxes for the other items like reset scrolls or braveries, you need even more.
  • ChidoChido ✭✭✭
    umm Remove always on CCB. replace with 6hr x4 CCB = 24hr.
    we so smart
  • You guys chose to change that of all things when there are different problems that people complain about on a daily basis. Why would you even do that i liked not having to bother constantly putting on a CCB and now you revert this nice change? Put it back the F on seriously. what is wrong with EME. Since when did they care about the 5 people that cared about their achievement points? What is the point of elite if your removing good features
    "better suit our problems" Yeah the one you just created, good thing you listen to elite players. You could of posted a thread saying hey guys were thinking about changing crystal binds back just to help achievement hunters, what do you guys think? the players of the game, the ones who actually play the game and know what goes on instead of the little bubble you guys sit in and not understand how your damn game works. Change it the f back.
  • how about a perma ccb? i always forget to use these things and it was a big help to have a perma one on so i dont lose dyads. that way anyone who wants to fill those useless achievements can and those of us who want a ccb on always can to.
  • AyiAyi ✭✭✭
    edited December 2017
    Are you serious?

    Just when I thought Elite was finally worth it, it gets nerfed again. If you're serious about achievements, you should already have Champion by now on your Elin Gunner.

    Also, who even wants 6 hour CCBs when the default Complete Crystalbinds last for 12 hours?
  • makes something somewhat useful for elite players, removes it next patch xd?
    how can you argue that 20 achievement points is over flooding your inventory with garbage and making you require to click a ccb every 6 hours, now you're basically limited to playing 4 characters per day aswell unless you want to buy more ccb's. Also why is it not a toggleable option, it seems like this would stop any complaint but instead you give us something only half the community wants again.
  • SpacecatsSpacecats ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2017

    The plan at the moment is to change the Elite status bar to add multiple Crystalbinds as daily consumables the same way you drink a potion, mount an Elite mount, or use a Gold Boost. We were concerned that we'd have to replace something (like Gold Boost) in order to do this but it looks like that's not the case.

    This will solve the issue of giving Elite players all the CCB they need across multiple characters/servers, not clogging up inventories, and also allowing a state of non-CCB protection that will remind players of the harsh reality of broken crystals... oh and yes, you get an achievement for it.
  • jongbaejongbae ✭✭✭
    edited December 2017
  • if the elite players really wanted the achievement THAT bad, just let your damn account run out of elite, get the achievement and then get elite again. shouldn't be an issue. if you have the cheap elite sub, then that's your own fault for being an achievement [filtered]. way to ruin everyone else's request cause you too cheap and to much of a completest to let your [filtered] run out, get the acheives and resub. thanks, dickholes.
  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭
    jongbae wrote: »
    Just put the CCB in the elite bar just like Nostrum (Lots of non tradeable ccb) pop it like a consumable and we all happy. Its just as easy as that.

    The issue at hand in this topic is that some people are complaining about the QoL, one that doesn't need for your to click that icon each time it burns its effect.

    The QoL is what has made some people hostile against this change so adding it as a perk that works like the the nostrum won't make the people complainning to back off.

    There are some interesting ideas like those that ask for a way to make the ccb a perk in the game that works like nocteriums, you click on them and make their effect active, you click again and its effect goes off.

    It is not really a big issue but some people have made this a little but overboard.
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