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[MT/PP/All Servers] Tono's art shop (〃∇〃人)*:・

Hi everyone! Im offering sketches, colored sketches, regular halfbodies and headshots!

Tumblr - more examples here!

✦ Sketches - 20k ✦ 5$; halfbodies with a small color accent

✦ Colored sketches: half body - 30k ✦8$ / fullbody - 40k ✦ 10$/ headshot - 25k 7$

✦ Half body - 200k ✦ 30$/ Headshot - 60k ✦ 15$ ; fully colored drawing, will add a simple background if requested
❄WILL do:
females (elins/elves/humans/castanics);
weapons (+15k for fully colored);
soft ecchi;
pets (+7k for fully colored)
❄WON'T do:
really complicated armor/costumes;

Type (sketch/ fully colored/ headshot ..etc.):
References (screenshots):
Personality (sad/shy/ laughing.. etc):
My style can vary, so if you want something specific let me know with a link to one of my drawings.

If you are interested, contact me via discord! I only accept payment up-front
Discord: Tono#0933

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