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[TR/Elite vouchers] ♡Tokki's Art Shop♡ (CLOSED)

Hello~ My commissions are open again!

Currently accepting TERA items:
✧Elite Vouchers = 1 Full Body
✧65k gold = 1 Full Body

DO’s & DONT’s

✧Weapons (As long as not too complex)
✧Females (Elin, Castanic, high elf, human)
✧Non tera characters (must be some what humanoid)


✧Complicated designs/poses

✧Character Personality:
✧Character Pose:
✧Extra: (Weapon/pet/etc)

Please do not send me payment until we have:
1.) confirmed that i will be doing your art
2.) I will make a sketch of what you want. If you are happy with the sketch then i will move on to the line art and coloring process where you will pay me before i give you the finished piece (This is to prevent people from taking the art and leaving without paying me 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。)


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