VG rewards are cut twice now

EDIT: Just go here instead of reading anything below -

Thanks for that "nice" and completely unannounced New Year "gift"
Now completing most VG quest will be twice less rewarding
Twice less VG credits, starting as miserable as 25 VG credits for quest (example low tier BAMs IOD)
Twice less enchanting boxes as reward (1 brilliant box instead of 2 for low tier IoD BAMs)
Twice less Battle Nostrums (but who cares...)
Twice less Dawn* tokens (12 now instead of 24) for mid and high tier IoD bams
Twice less noctenium infusions for mid tier dungeons (35 instead of 70)
see yourself... compare
The things remained same - Gold and Item exp rewards

Enjoy double drop and big fireworx boxes.. for now. later the game will be much more boring and grind-grind...


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