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Buffing Intimidation Stance

edited December 2017 in Game Suggestions
Zerk tank hasn't been touched since its introduction to this game one and a half years ago. Recently warrior tank got a buff, zerk tank should also get a long-awaited buff.

Intimidation Stance's crit factor penalty of -18 should be removed. Intimidation Stance should increase block absorption from +60% to +80%, if not, Intimidation Stance should have an endurance bonus to mitigate damage bleed in RKH and RKE.

Last but not least, zerk tank should have the Infuriate skill. With this Infuriate skill added, I will be able to spare 7 glyph points. Which means I will have enrage on a 2.5min CD instead of all other tanks' 5min CD.

This way, zerk tank's party DPS will have some chance at being comparable to the other tanks.

For class awakening, I see nothing regarding zerk tank abilities. That also must be changed.


  • I don't think the block or crit penalty matters that much tbh, I think the only thing zerk needs to make them decent for tanking is an enrage, I always wondered why bloodlust didn't just get enrage in d stance tbh
  • MistyTera wrote: »
    Why don't people use essential mana? It has helped my classes so much! Stop complaining about the classes!

    care to elaborate? I can't remember seeing an essential mana zerk tank guide and even if there was this thread is about buffing the tank stance not how to play tank stance zerk.
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