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My Tera art (Erune from CH)



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    Continuing with some angst sketches, here are my four Elin sisters being attacked by a creature that tortures them mentally. These are their individual reactions.
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    Eruno, my spunky Berserker :)
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    Doodle for some character ideas in my story of my archer, Eirai
    I rarely draw her with her hair down.
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    If only I was good at playing Tera to actually have the Murderous Intent skill. :'D
    My Reaper, Zyllian, using her Reaper Shadow powers and Murderous Intent
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    And here's my Priest, Erune~
    I love this outfit I designed for her.
  • After a long wait, here are the completed scenes for the Tera Crossover story I'm writing!
    I'm so glad I finally was able to get the A-OK from my beta editor friend to upload the story finally, so here's the art now! :pleased:
    The ring glyphs on their arms are my interpretation as to how they use their skills in Tera
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    Hey guys! Finally got chapter 4 of my crossover written so that mean, I can post the scenes now!
    An alliance is formed.
    The Gifted Children from the Stepstone Isle play a part in the story.
    Heal what has been hurt.
  • Whew! This took some time to finish due to having many hiatus moments because school!
    But I finished and I'm happy with how it turned out.
    My Elin Priest with my Elf Inquisitor
  • You know what the most annoying thing is about being a college student science major? Having no little to no time to draw or play video games like Tera. (sighs)

    Anyways, here's some art did last month and only finally had time to scan in. I did these entirely out of pen with no pencil to erase any mistakes made. The second image is one I had the most fun drawing of these two.
    It's sorta related to my other drawing I did of one of my Elins being consumed by the Bloodshards that the Archdevas use, only this time, things are slightly different due to the situation and how she comes to it. Ofc though she's still most likely going to die since she's NOT a Deva but at least this time, it seems she's having a handle on this burst of power compared to being completely corrupted immediately.
  • Hi there once again! Here's some doodles I did over the summer~
    My Zerker, Eruno, messing around with Bloodshard stuff. Geeze kid, lay off the whole Archdeva stuff willya?
    A Tera Elf I guess. Was just doodling a random elf lady and then I noticed she looked like one of the elves from Tera. I should make one sometime...
    And finally, my Reaper, Zyllian, going crazy are usual. I seem to keep drawing the same scenarios for my Elins. I guess I'm just practicing but repeating the same scene but in different angles, etc.

  • Hey guys! Just letting y'all know I'm working on my entry for the loading screen contest! I'll be streaming the progress when I can!
  • Here's a wip detail for my loading screen contest entry! tumblr_p0snohSKmB1w5awmoo1_540.jpg
  • Hey guys! I'm streaming rn so you can come check it out if you want!
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    xXEruneXx wrote: »
    This one is a more darker piece of work that I felt the sudden need to draw and whipped it up within 5 hours
    You think I’m weak

    You think you can get away with what you did

    But I know what you have done

    And I’m done running from my fear of you

    My Reaper, Zyllian, using the Murderous Intent Skill while facing down an Archdeva (Dakuryon?)

    After working hard on this, I decided to throw the whole piece through photoshop effects to give a nicer look to it.

    This is really nice work. Not just well executed art, but capturing a dark tone withut going over the top.

  • Hey guys! Here's a timelapse of my contest entry! 24+ hours condensed into 17 minutes!

    Good luck to everyone who is participating!
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