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NA delay

Why is NA so far behind? In terms of patches, updates, bug fixes, events, everything, only a couple days ago the rkem vg has been updated, 1 month+ after release, why this take so long...
NA is usually 1 or 2 weeks behind EU but they already have mech suits, DSU, tradeable mat boxes (essence/ash etc) but NA got nothing...
I keep looking at the development road map and i keep seeing more and more things get pushed futher and futher back...
So why is it that we're getting nothing?


  • Think the Enmasse team is getting split up and reworked into new roles lately, Seems they might be releasing too many new things and we are feeling the impact with less and less involvement with the community and quality assurance on events and such. All we can do is hope everything settles down and things start to get moving....or Tera PC has been put on the backburner and we are screwed....
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    Arwen wrote: »
    Meanwhile in TERA EU:

    Yet you are still posting here. Che palle! Go back to EU if NA is so terrible.

    Literally all of that is coming THIS MONTH: http://tera.enmasse.com/news-page/development-roadmap

    This post is about a 3 week delay, and you post EU stuff that dropped 6 days ago. Broccolo!


    The likely culprit is that 1) big holiday, 2) EME is doing console dev for the entire globe in addition to NA Tera, while Gameforge is not, and only has to focus on Tera EU. I'm not going to say that's an excuse or that it's ok, because I think console Tera is stupid in the first place, but that's likely the reason for the increased lag time between EU patch release and NA patch release.
  • Is that Talisman thing really talents, confirmed? That's exciting!
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    Notepad806 wrote: »
    Is that Talisman thing really talents, confirmed? That's exciting!

    You can see that all of those things are coming here: https://essentialmana.com/news/

    @Arwen - you should go read the forum rules about circumventing them with a foreign language.
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    If they can't even run their events on schedule, how can you expect them to bring the bigger stuff in a timely manner?
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    An ETA on RMHM patch with the class balances would be extremely nice.... Also @Notepad806 Talismans and talents are 2 separate things. We're getting talismans, but i dont think we will ever get talents.
  • To just literally address the issues...

    As far as patches go, BHS synchronized all the global builds so that the timing will be around the same for each region. For instance, Europe got Patch 63 on December 12, and we got it on December 14, and we're actually on the same build now.

    As for cash shop items like the mech suits, we know they're already in our build because EME showed them off on stream on live servers. But EME always schedules/stages their cash shop releases, and they decided to hold the suits off to later so it wouldn't conflict with Christmas. This is something they've done for years, for better or worse.

    Gameforge did their own beta test of Dreadspire that led to them adding it to their servers separately. During the same time period that Gameforge was working on this, EME was working on the TERA Console Technical Test (which Gameforge wasn't involved in). So I assume we will get Dreadspire back when BHS adds it to the base game for all regions, unless they are able to bring it over separately.

    As for the tradeable mat boxes, until recently, Gameforge has been more willing to make adjustments to the flow of mats and methods of earning them than EME was because of their conscious decision to stick closer to the BHS defaults this new gear cycle and see how things went. We saw this week that they are starting to make some more changes (changes to PvP rewards, addition of metamorphics in some dungeons that were missing them, etc.) so maybe they will start considering changes like this now.

    Also, regarding Gameforge's news post... for a while now, EME and Gameforge have had different approaches to how they handle communicating about future patches. EME tends to hold information about patches closer to the vest, choosing to reveal them in staged campaigns right near the patch release and only talking in broad generalities before then. Gameforge, on the other hand, has a tendency to promote information about future patches the moment they get the info. I think that EME assumes that people who really want to know info about future patches will already be getting it from fan sources anyway... but I think it does cause a difference in perception (as we see here).

    Anyway, this is just trying to report on the points addressed. The objective truth is that we are not behind or delayed on the whole, but it feels that way through a combination of circumstances, which EME should probably address.
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    I know it usually does no good to compare regions... but really? Dreadspire, updated shops, dungeons that drop actually useful things while we get double drop with no double vanguard, and double ghille that drops 2 rubies instead of 1 lol. Can't help having a bitter taste in your mouth at this point. I know it's much more complicated than just copy-paste EU vanguard shop or dungeon token shop but seriously... 3 months and a declining playerbase isn't enough time to "see how things go" with the default drops? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see whats wrong with 16 entropic tokens costing 200vg and the "extreme mode" dungeon dropping frostmetal enchant mats... like wtf?

    But cool it's really nice to have double solo instances drop so it doesn't really matter if your friendslist or guild is dead xd
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