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    All these dungeon events hurt my popo soul :confused:
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    Spacecats wrote: »
    EDIT/UPDATE, 01/04/2018 @ 1:47 p.m. PST:

    Beyond this weekend, we're going to leave this event on for the remainder of the month (ending on January 30). Starting in February, we’ll be putting the event on a schedule (similar to how battleground jackpots are setup). This means they won’t be on full-time any longer, but we can have a bit more fun with them (like offering triple rewards instead of double) while mixing up our overall event calendar.

    The minute the event ended, the vanguards are back to 1x, instead of 2x which you said would be on for the rest of the month.
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    @Denommenator should be able to look into this.

    But on a separate note, I did start a dungeon before it expired, and was disappointed when I only got x1 the rewards, and shocked, since it's supposed to run until Feb as x2.
  • So x1 Again.... If I do quest and they re-enable x2 I will lose half rewards :(
  • Pretty simple lesson here. Don't start events in the middle of the night unless you have someone monitoring.
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    This is the passion for Tera that we all got used with it.
    you guys at eme really need to check these events and be online when they supposedly SHOULD stay on or turn on ...
    it's unacceptable that you are making the same mistakes over and over again.
    it's not unreasonable for us to ask that of you.
  • This game need stability, not jumping from x1 to x3 as compensation.
  • @Spacecats

    Please address this. Please reconsider making 1x rewards a permanent feature, or please reconsider the cost of items in VG shop, IoD Tokens, and dragon scale shop.
  • VG rewards and reputation are now doubled through 01/31 at 11:59 p.m. PST.
  • Thank you Denomme. We appreciate it.
  • Please reconsider the whole "gut the rewards back to x1 so I (SC) can have fun with x3 when it pleases me (SC)".

    First, given the large number of time zones your player base is scattered over, inevitably there will be people who cannot participate in the "fun" times you envision. Since there are some people (according to their forum posts) who cannot play on certain days of the week (Tuesday, or Thursday, or Saturday, or whatever), as well as those for whom certain times of day won't work for them (due to work scheds or time zones), hopscotching the "fun stuff" will usually leave some people out. Having a reliable, reasonable reward for what has become a staple for the new enchant/upgrade scheme would have a more equitable outcome.

    Secondly, there is that other issue--EME's notorious communications deficit. If past performance is any predictor, the lack of notice for when things are going to happen in game (always inadvertent, probably due to overtasked staff) would mean that a large number of people would not even know when the "fun" will begin, has begun or is already over. NOTE: Notice given on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, discord, around the EME water cooler, or in a cell call to your bestie in Portland does NOT count as sufficient notice--if it is not on the news/announcement page on the website, it did not happen
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    I think EME needs to utilize the announcement system included in the Calendar more often. Spacecats did use it during the ExtraLife events, but outside of that, I have yet to see EME staff actually utilize it. It'd be nice to put it up there at least a week in advance.
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    My biggest hope is that the vanguard shop will be updated along with the change to x1 vanguard requests and we are going to get some decent items in there such as normal noctenium infusion or superior noctenium elixir plus some way to get smart dyads or other useful items for enchanting/upgrading .. and obviously at relevant and affordable prices ( for example the entropic emblem box is a huge slap in the face ).

    VG rewards and reputation are now doubled through 01/31 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

    where's the calendar for triple vg reward times ? you guys mentioned it sometimes being triple ..knowing in advance helps
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