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TERA: Rise of The Fallen?

I honestly believe TERA is one of the best games out there, if handled correctly. TERA doesn't have a problem attracting new players, the problem is retaining them. Right now this doesn't feel like an mmorpg. The decisions Bluehole has made are very questionable. Ever since the original developers "left", this game has slowly been on the decline, losing touch with the players and core game mechanics.

Open world:
Open world needs to be more engaging. The world is so beautiful, make use of it. Hidden mechanics, secrets, puzzles, jumping puzzles etc, the sky is the limit. Having similar things like that would make the open world more engaging and enjoyable for the Explorers.

• World boss:
World bosses should be difficult requiring a lot of players. Dropping worth while loot or maybe a buff for whoever kills it (server/guild/alliance/raid whatever sees fit for it.)

• B.A.M:
Personally I enjoyed how they were in 2013, they were challenging and gave TONS of experience. Players would group just to defeat them. Also make B.A.Ms worth while at endgame levels, making them drop materials for crafting/enhancing gear.

• Gathering/Crafting:
This should be more valuable. Introduce new/old consumables. Example eclipse potions, higher hp/mp potions, increase gathering speed. Increase crit power, attack speed, power, movement speed, defense, increase flying speed potions, craft-able costumes etc. The only way to craft them is by gathering and maybe something extra depending on the items.

• Nexus:
As laggy as It was, nexus was enjoyable, it brought the community together and was rewarding at the end.

• New Endgame Area:
Major content change needs to happen, like introducing a new area. Right now Highwatch doesn’t feel like an endgame area at all. It need to be mysterious, dark, frightening and thrilling. The new area should be able to drop gold from mobs with PvP enabled, flying mounts disabled (High risk, high reward)

Player vs Player(PvP):
Man man man... where to begin. PvP is so underwhelming and definitely not rewarding. Bring back the PvP item shop, please. You should be able to gear up through PvP only.

• There should be 3 major PvP instances. Large, medium and low scale that’s it, anything more spreads out too thin. Maybe one mini game for the laughs.

• Make GvG more interesting
(Cross server GvG events would be very interesting. Just an idea)

• Bring back Alliance and PvP rankings/leader-boards.

Player vs Environment(PvE):
There should be PvE rankings/leader-boards on all dungeons. It provides a competitive environment for PvEers.

• There should be dungeons/raids where you have to fight multiple bosses at the same time. Also special types of enemy's they'll debuff/buffs certain things.

• An endless tower type dungeon where you fight bosses/mobs nonstop, being very rewarding at the end.

*GvG PvE style* :thinking:

• Newcomers/Alts:
You should be able to preview a class you’re interested in, showing different skills and how it works etc. Needs to be updated though.

• Tutorial:
There should be a tutorial explaining every stat in game and certain dungeon mechanics, making it easier for newer players.

• Avatar weapon:
This needs to be removed, it literally makes all weapons 64 below completely worthless.

• Optimization:
Optimization please! Also players should be able to disable almost anything in the UI

• Mounts:
Bring back Account Mounts. Seriously.

Bluehole and Enmasse should hire former players for balancing. For example Hirez hired a bunch of players from the community for balancing and game design in Smite. It would be nice to see something like that here.

As you can see most of the suggestions are focused around bringing the community together. When there's a healthy community, more will come and stay. Playing a game should be fun no matter what you do. Exploring, PvP, PvE, gathering, crafting and socializing. Having different elements all can enjoy.


  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭
    What is really true is how the same players come here to see threads like this, with constructive feedback and most of them don't keep these topics up ar at least +Like the thread, but instead they leave doing nothing.

    It is really sad that if the thread doesn't have personal attacks against EME or other players the thread/post doesn't get significant +Like.
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    Praying for big impactful changes, so that TERA can be what we all know it has the potential to be.

    If only BHS could/would talk and listen to the TERA community this game could be such a beast. IMO it has the potential to be better than WoW.

    +1 @H634KL3NAC
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    Some good suggestions here.
  • AnotsuAnotsu ✭✭✭
    Very nice should definitely put some thought into this!
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
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    • More open world stuff would be nice....Events like bam hunts kinda do that but eh...Decent suggestion
    • There's already World bosses that drop endgame loot so check on that. They're somewhat difficult but still soloable...as with most things, things are easily soloable (in the overworld) as long as you use your skills to dodge :)
    • Uhhh Make Bams worth it at Endgame levels? IoD says hello to you...unless you don't want all those free talents, tokens etc.
    • Seeing as Crafting has gone form entirely junk to Actually worthwhile now with crafting Darics/Gems/Plate etc. Would be kinda nice to have a few more things like the consumable pots you suggested...but that basically brings back the old things like Heavens elixir and stuff which got removed (Probably for consoldation or w/e. Not like New players will use these anyway seeing as half of them don't bother with Battle solutions unless Low tier dungeons are literally blocking the door while everyone else (Or a vast majority) will see it has Mandatory consumables depending on avaliablity)
    • Seeing as The server could barely handle Dreamstorm....i highly doubt it will handle Nexus again....Though we do have those Guardian missions (Basically FFXIV Fates/GW2 open world events) coming this month (or should be acording to the roadmap) so we'll see how that goes
    • Put a new coat of paint on highwatch and call it a day...we'll end up back at this point eventually anyway.

    Ignoring PVP cause luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul pvp in tera ecks dee xd

    • They're bringing back Leaderboards in a feature patch for both PVE and PVP, I believe this came out before awakening patch did (if Ktera even has it yet) as it was listed in the Dev note for Guardian missions that they were working on it. Not sure if its in yet or not.
    • Uhh Harrowhold Phase 1 has 4 dragon bosses at the same time...Demokron Factory had Vera/Prima together. It would be nice to see multi boss fights but then you run into the issue where if you need two tanks or not...and this game aint that great with Multiple tanks (I believe Vergos is strictly coded to change aggro on Shouts via tanks or something). Haven't seen what the new dungeon in Ktera entails...Other than Rengar showing up and slapping us silly
    • Sooooooooo Endless Dreadspire? People like Dreadspire so just bring it back for us and people will call it Gucci (EU has Dreadspire uppers Extreme atm which is making some of the Hardcore NA players cry atm cause they want it)
    • Uhh Youtube exists? I would think some videos would be pretty relevant still has classes don't really change much unless they get revamped like Archer/War/Sorc or until they get their Awakening. You can look up a kill video of their PoV if you want...and there is kinda a small player already on Character creator...but they'll never touch that with a 100 foot long pole
    • Im pretty sure stats tell you what they do when you hover over them? Unless they removed it....then that's really stupid. The important stats (Power/Crit/Endurance) are kinda really self explanatory.
    • For the dungeon mechanics, THERE A GIANT RED TEXT IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SCREEN SAYING "X is doing this, You should totally pay attention" in normal mode (but like 5 people pay attention to this)....Within doubt there are guides...you gotta do something while sitting in that 30minute dps que
    • With the levelling dungeon's increased stats to compensate avatar weapons, i REALLY don't want to experience GL with everyone using normal weapons....that is 30 minutes of my life i don't want to lose personally. Go ahead and set a challenge to not use them if you want...others want to get to the ACTUAL game asap
    • We're beating a dead horse here with Optimization
    • Sure whatever....Do what you want with the mounts
    • Balancing will always be ruined for those outside of Ktera cause they have talents, we don't :^). Though they did make a test server for Awakening and made adjust to the new skills based on Players feedback and testing so....its something? EME don't even dare to touch how classes work or adjust them themselves cause Big deaddy BHS would be mad

    Just an old s-poster's 2 cents
  • @Vinyltails I didn't go into full details on every point but I am aware of all the things in game. If I wrote long bulky paragraphs people wouldn't want to read it ... Thank you for your two cents!
  • OP's list is the perfect fixes for TERA.
  • This wont help unless progression is figured out for casual players who don't have a guild or cant get into 3 and 4* dungeons with regularity. This game wont take on or keep casual or new players who will pay to play in order to log in for an hour or two and still progress. There's a reason wow has raid finder. The majority of gamers are not end game serious guild players. Instance matching cannot only be a reliable clear for 2* dungeons, LFG is unfortunately not always an option. (I'm aware you can im for anything, but anyone who's tried, even 3*'s are no guarantee with the current matching system).

    This game seems to have made the conscious business decision to make its money on costumes and keeping its current 3 and 4* dungeon players happy. Its almost like they are content to try and continue to make money until the game closes rather than grow the game.
  • H634KL3NACH634KL3NAC ✭✭
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    @Meshak Yes, casual players are a big part of any game. There should be tutorials(or dungeon simulators) within the game explaining basic game/dungeon mechanics among other things. Because eventually those players will transition into endgame content. Having more knowledge about your class position/role, stats, crystals, mechanics etc, will make things a lot smoother for causal/new players. Thus making endgame more lively.

    Not much you can do about the pay to play people. Maybe require the player to do 'X' amount of said dungeon before doing harder ones (Don't take this too serious, just throwing something out).
  • Good feedback!
  • Not all players transition to end game, its why raid finder is so popular. A lot of players don't have time for it. We want to see the end game, want to feel some sort of progression, but don't have the time to invest in guilds or specific raid times etc... It is a misconception that all players will eventually transition to end game.

    The instance matching system should have a different level of dungeon from LFG and from regular queuing. Damage and hp should scale accordingly the mechanics do not need to change (how we learn). Reward *amount* should be what separates them, not reward type. For instance the 3 and 4* dungeons should all drop meaningful crafting or advancement loot. But, normal queue drops 2x amount, lfg 1x and ims .5x amount. Each one should hit a counter for the dungeon. No one can double or triple dip and really if the rewards are done right, no one should need to.

    I think this would I think make the older established players happy (with rewards that matter at an amount given to each member of the party) and allow other players whos guilds don't really raid, or newer or casuals without a guild to advance.

    This may just get more casual players or players of all classes (tanks and healers) comfortable with mechanics so when they do gear up they are comfortable to do lfg more, or even look for that guild since training runs are...
  • They just need to bring back PvP. Not playing again until it comes back grinding 20+ a dungeon daily so i can blow away it all on rng enchantment is not my thing.
  • I guess just the mega thread gets love =p
  • GardoVdl wrote: »
    They just need to bring back PvP. Not playing again until it comes back grinding 20+ a dungeon daily so i can blow away it all on rng enchantment is not my thing.

    This is basically the game now... run your daily's and try the enchantment lottery. A lot of things could be mitigated if players were able to trade all enchanting materials as more top-tier players could farm materials to earn profit while increasing activity of veteran and top-tier players. Simply, the economy is suffering because most items are untradable and the rng is sucking the profitability of this game dry. The only way to earn a steady income is to run IoD which is mind-numbing. In the golden days, almost all items were tradable... there's a reason why people often reflect on the previous state of the game.
  • @Spacecats
    Please merge this thread with the other Feedback thread and pin it, so that we can continue posting on it and it's not forgotten about, thank you.
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