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Brawler Armor Concept

So, after playing up a Brawler and seeing their gear, this concept ran through my brain. Thanks to BlissChild01 on Deviant Art for helping me bring it to an actual visual state.concept_art_for_tera_online_brawler_armor_by_blisschild1-dbzlvcc.png


  • For me, personally, most of their "Armor" right now looks like it was cut down from bigger pieces. I'm not a fan of all the whirls and pointy bits. There is pointyness on the Greaves, but overall I wanted to see something that was..... as streamlined as it gets considering the amount of Acrobatics the Brawlers go through with their high kicks. The colors are inspired by Black Hills Gold. For those that don't know, the Greenish Gold would be Gold with Silver alloyed in, the Red/Pink is Gold with Copper alloyed in. It would all be Enchanted Unobtainium in any Game setting but.... well, I just thought I'd share.
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