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[CH] Rabqit's Art Shop - 1 slot OPEN [EMP only]

Hey there, I'm back!

So, I'm opening my shop again, EMP only tho... I'm really sorry for all those who hoped for gold as payment again (you might be able to bribe me, but I'll go for emp first ) x:

I'm opening 2 slots:
Slot 1 [TAKEN]
Slot 2 [OPEN]

Prices depending on each commission (weapon / clothes / etc).
Basic, without weapon etc is:
Bust shot - 2.5k EMP
Waist up - 4k EMP
Full body - 6k EMP

Feel free to contact me here, ingame (Rabqit) or via discord (Rabqit#3213)
☆I have the right to reject any commission offer for any reason
☆I won't do extreme violence or gore.
☆Tera characters only
☆Payment upfront
☆You are not allowed to use my art for commercial purposes
☆Credit me if you use the art somewhere else

Sadly I have to tell you I will keep my shop closed for now since I'm most likely to quit tera within the next 2 weeks. And without playing tera I don't have any use for ingame goodies anymore D:

Thanks to all who have commissioned and supported me until now <3
I know there are some people that asked for a commission as soon as some slots were free again but as said, sadly I will keep that one closed for now... I am really sorry!
I will still offer commissions, special offers, but with neither paypal nor ig gold but stuff like steam keys.

Thank you for reading through this! Don't worry be happy :#

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