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[CH] Rabqit's Art Shop - CLOSED [gold/items/elite vouchers]

Since my old discussion was removed without any note or anything I repost it again -.- If it wasn't a bug and someone removed it on purpose please tell me why at least...

Hey there,
I'm creating gifs and stuff, so if you like my work read the following information about commissioning me~ ^-^

♡Examples of my work♡

☆I have the right to reject any commission offer for any reason
☆I won't do extreme violence or gore.
☆Tera characters only - all races and genders (also male elin)!
☆Payment upfront
☆You are not allowed to use my art for commercial purposes
☆Credit me if you use the art somewhere else
☆No background

Bust up (plus hands if desired):
☆Gif ☆ 50k
☆Additional Character + 30k
☆Not animated ☆ 40k
☆Additional Character + 30k
Half body:
☆Gif ☆ 90k
☆Additional Character + 60k
☆Not animated ☆ 80k
☆Additional Character + 60k
Full body:
☆Gif ☆ 130k
☆Additional Character + 90k
☆not animated ☆ 120k
☆Additional Character + 90k

☆Nsfw + 20k
☆With pet + 10k
☆With mount + 30-50k
☆Weapons could cost extra, depending on how detailed and therefor difficult they are to draw.
☆If you would like to commission something else, not a gif or another character that isn't from tera, feel free to ask.

♡What I need from you♡
☆Send me a PM, contact me ingame (Rabqit | CH) or add me on Discord [Rabqit#3213]
*What do you want to commission?
[Example: Half body gif with pet. Cuddling the pet.]
*How do you pay?
[Example: That would be 110k -> 50k + wish list item with a value of 60k]
*Front, side and back view (Screenshot) of the character and everything else that I shall draw.
[Example: Screenshots of the character and of the pet]

It will take me about 1-2 weeks per commission, starting with slot 1. As soon as I finished one commission, slot 2 will become slot 1 so it will work like a waiting list. (That doesn't automatically mean first come first serve, because I still wont do stuff I don't enjoy drawing :3)
As soon as I am finished you will receive the gif or png file either with white or transparent background, your decision (both would be possible as well of course). Note that if you commissioned an animated drawing, you can also have all the different png files if you'd like to.

♡Wish List♡
☆Dyeable Snowbelle Costume (Elin)


  • RabqitRabqit ✭✭
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    @JXE5356AKE updated the price list :3
  • WAPNFWA67P wrote: »
    @JXE5356AKE updated the price list :3

    Ty! I'll have to make a bit of money on CH and I'll hopefully get back to you.
  • Okay :D tho I probably should mention that the elite voucher would also be a payment option, even if it wouldn't be my first choice and I'd rather keep that option for players from different servers
  • Commission done for @Yarinu <3 thx again
  • Commission done for @Oppabo <3 thank you so much :3

  • SquishiesSquishies ✭✭✭
    Adorable stuff
  • RabqitRabqit ✭✭
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    Thank you ^-^
  • Commission done for @Palochi <3 thank you :3
  • 2 Slots open ~ <3
  • Commission done for @Blushu <3 thank you so much >w<
  • Commission done for Fraya <3 ty ty :3
  • Hey guys,

    I was thinking about doing a onetime offer on a different type of commission, mostly for practise.
    Either a more detailed piece with a detailed background, or different colouring, not just cell shading and so on.
    That would obviously be more pricey but I just wanted to ask if any of you would be interested in stuff like that.
    If so, I would appreciate you simply dropping a like on this comment ( ^ -^)b
  • XeirylXeiryl ✭✭✭
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    do you take paypal or emp? o:
  • Sent you a message!
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