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console information

Like to get updates on beta and release day for console players and any stuff for those doing technical test what we get on release day thanks and happy new year


  • You and thousands don't know the release on tera for ps4 and Xbox one. I heard early 2018 my guess is march. Me and everyone I know is waiting for tera. Hope they don't wait too long and black desert online comes out before this game. But u know they want this game to be on par with pc and not have many bugs. What game don't have bugs. They did them and with updates and patches and drive on. I wish they would just give a date so everyone will stop asking and trying to look everywhere to find out.
  • HeathenDeaconHeathenDeacon ✭✭
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    yeah, i hopelessly search through the internet daily to see if there is any new news to no avail.
    i had to go and start 3 new games to take my mind off the wait, lol.
    Sadly i don't think there will be any real communication until the next beta or release is ready to happen.
    Would have been nice to have kept the hype train from the TT going, but when pc doesn't even get news of a holiday event and EME is seemingly MIA i can't hold my breath
  • Hopefully it comes soon I try to play any including minecraft or elder scrolls online to wait until Tera comes out lol
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