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65 Berseker Help?

I just turned level 65 on my Berserker, and I'm trying to figure out which Brooch I need to pick. Do I pick Ferocious Parthian Brooch or the Fancy Parthian Brooch? I checked essential mana but it wasn't mentioned except for in the comments, but I don't know which brooch goes which path.


  • There is plenty of debate between the 2. The crit brooch has the logic of guaranteed crit in the most impactful dps moments along with some attack speed which is nice but not the biggest deal for zerks.

    The power brooch is pretty self explanatory as it's just a massive damage up.

    My choices have always been dictated by just how much crit/power I have/need. I suggest you take the same factors into account and choose a style.
  • While I still played zerk I always found regardless of crit quickcarve worked better. You're likely to go into qf anyway so might aswell just go whichever the crit one is.
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    Get Fancy (which upgrades to Simple Quickcarve Brooch)

    During burns, the fact that you can charge faster means you can do more attacks in that timeframe. 30 Power is not huge in the current meta now that it barely exceeds the value of one necklace, while the attack speed cannot be obtain elsewhere.

    Also if you are still wondering, it is an energetic meta now. Attack speed is op.
  • kuklikukli ✭✭
    edited January 2018
    I agree with quickarve, i find it better.
    But remember, you definitely want a quatrefoil brooch in the end, which can be obtained from upgrading either quickarve or empowered brooch.
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