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Aggro Meter

I didn't see this anywhere else, but want to go ahead and apologize if it’s already been suggested. To be perfectly clear; I am not suggesting a DPS meter, only a Threat/Aggro meter.

Greetings to my fellow lovers of TERA. I played for a span of 2 months about 3 years ago, and I absolutely loved the game. It didn't take 45 minutes to pick a race/class; it has a good story, good content, good community, and the game gives a real sense of progression. I love the Action Combat style. All-in-all, it’s a fantastic game. I was forced to quit by a combination of an outdated computer that was breaking down and the fact that my keyboard coordination is practically non-existent. But, TERA coming to console has opened the door back up for me to play happily and effectively. In my excitement and anticipation, I've been researching and watching all the guides I can. Been doing this for the better part of a year, now.

It took a while, but something has become quite apparent to me: DPS Meters and websites hosting DPS rankings for Raids/Instances are actually useless and irrelevant regarding DPS classes. They do not show the maximum potential DPS for any class, they show the number value of the maximum DPS any member of that party could sustain without overcoming the Aggro production of that party’s tank. Regardless of what class you're playing, your overall damage output will be limited by your tank's ability to hold Aggro.

Example: Archer pushes 5m DPS. Warrior pushes 3.9m DPS. Lancer Tank can only out-threat 4m DPS. Warrior hypothetically never stops attacking due to never having aggro. He maintains 100% of his DPS. Archer overtakes tank aggro by 20%, so he hypothetically must stop all DPS for 21% of the Raid to compensate. That puts him at the same Overall DPS as the 3.9m Warrior. Max DPS or Max Potential DPS mean nothing to the Archer at this point, because he’s limited to less than 4m by the tank.
Because of this, Max DPS Potential for any class is a strictly arbitrary number. All that actually matters is how much threat your damage produces in relation to your tank. As long as your Aggro is less than his, you’re free to go ham. If your aggro generation threatens to overtake his, you know to slow down.

An Aggro Meter would allow all of the classes to monitor their Threat generation in relation to the tank’s. I feel this would promote communication and teamwork within the Raids, and help everyone monitor what’s going on in an easy to understand format. Since there is more to threat/aggro generation that simply DPS, this would not be monitoring DPS. You would know for yourself how much damage your abilities did, this would be allowing you to see the Threat generated as a result of that damage. It might even teach a player that instead of using Ability 1 to deal 1m dmg for 25 Threat and stealing the tank’s 23 Aggro, that player should use Ability 2 for 500k dmg/ 10 Threat and Ability 3 for 500k dmg / 11 Threat, to do the same total damage, but only 21 Threat, so as not steal Aggro and potentially ruin a Boss fight. This will directly help players UNDERSTAND MECHANICS for their respective class and style of play, therefore promote easier learning of such.

Playing DPS isn't so much about just throwing out all the damage you can as fast as you can before you get hit and die, and recording that number, it's about throwing out all the damage you possibly can without overtaking your tank's Threat production. So a Raid where an Archer is able to average 5m DPS isn't so much a statement about an Archer being OP or "King of DPS", it's a statement that the party's tank drew enough aggro to allow the Archer to do that DPS.

I'm terribly scatter-brained and feel like I'm rambling without getting to my point. My point is, a BlueHole or EnMasse sponsored/produced Aggro/Threat meter would be a great benefit to new and veteran players during Raids/Instances (whatever you prefer to call them). It doesn't matter what actual damage numbers are that you're throwing up as long as you could keep your threat/aggro % just below that of the tank. If you start getting too close, you'll know to slow down and back off. If you've got a lot of wiggle room, you know you're either free to keep it up, or might need to ask someone about your rotation. This will help players learn to manage their damage and rotation on the fly during combat, and specific to their party/tank. Another huge benefit being skills. Being able to see on the fly during different types of combat the relation of skill damage vs skill threat generated could certainly help to teach players what abilities to use in which situations, and which ones to AVOID.


  • How to judge agro? Easy if your tank and your not losing it to dps then you have enough. I don't mean losing it for a few second when a gunner uses BV or valk goes all out or even a war uses thrust or scythe. It's when you lose it long enough for the bam to go after that dps. I really hate tanking on my gunner, war or Valk, but I do and there only in frost.
  • I guess I went overboard explaining why I think it would be handy without actually explaining the meter itself in my suggestion. It could easily be a small simple box next to the minimap or something. It would show each of the 5 Party Member's names and a % next to their name. That % would be their current share of boss aggro. Obviously the numbers would always total out to 100% if you added all 5 player's % together. I think the ideal numbers would be the Tank holding 30%, each DPS holding 20% to each of themselves, and the Healer holding around 10%. If parties could see and monitor this during combat, actual damage values wouldn't really matter. The Tank would keep his Aggro the entire fight with the Healer keeping him alive. The DPS guys would just keep DPSing until the boss died. It could take 5 minutes or 15 minutes, but the party would still succeed just by sticking to basic mechanics and having the ability to see the results of working as a team. Obviously, hardcore veterans to the game already have a good sense of this, but the casuals and noobs (such as myself) really have no way of knowing if we're doing right or wrong, or understanding why it's right or wrong, without 1 of 2 events taking place: 1) A very kind Veteran Player notices, stops us, and explains that 1 specific situation to us (which is unfortunately a rare occurrence), or 2) An Elitist A**hole notices, flames us, and kicks us from the raid (most common). I fully realize that just having an Aggro Meter wouldn't suddenly explain everything about the game to those playing, but it would give a great basis for understanding more of what's happening and why it happens. With the meter, those Kind Vets would also have another tool to visually refer us to for guidance, without showing any actual DPS numbers for anyone to get mad about, brag about, or make any issue of. If the meter were created or sponsored by BlueHole or EnMasse, then we wouldn't be violating 3rd Party Program rules. They would also be able to take whatever precautions they wanted to ensure it didn't reveal DPS information, or any other information Players could use to harass others in a negative fashion.
  • If I remember correctly they already have a meter being made on KTERA or it's already made so it might even already have it.
  • The2scimmz wrote: »
    If I remember correctly they already have a meter being made on KTERA or it's already made so it might even already have it.

    If this is true, it is spectacular and appreciated news (to me anyways). Would you mind linking any info or discussions you've found on it? Even a brief mention would be great.
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