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What's your favorite Hardmode dungeon?



  • BrofessorXBrofessorX ✭✭✭
    BRHM, the most fun and beautiful dungeon.
    WHHM was great too, when the last boss went crazy at the very end, what a rush to see how high those stacks got.
  • senormudkipsenormudkip ✭✭✭
    Queen without outgearing it. T12-t13 and then try it
  • msoltysplmsoltyspl ✭✭✭
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    canikizu wrote: »
    msoltyspl wrote: »
    From those three SCHM, and by far.

    SSHM's 3rd boss is heavy on rng side, so low-iframe classes need time to adjust it. 2nd boss is pushover, 1st boss is small dps race.

    All bosses can be fully 100% tanked on warrior in slaughter gear (assuming proper rolls, not 8% hp nonsense). I can even survive large slams with -50% reduction skills. Imagine tanking real SCHM's perimos when he enraged =)

    What rng about 3rd boss? Compared to SCHM i don't see it has more RNG than Darkan.

    His non-twirling random swipes/slams. It doesn't bother me (warrior) or ninjas or reapers. But low iframe / short iframe classes have hell with this.

    HM Darkan - comparing to that - was 100% non-rng. The only "random" part there were his backswipes IF threat holder was too far away. And of course ghost rng (stun resistance).
  • VSHM.....
    With the combined bosses of SSHM and SCHM... :D
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