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January Battlegrounds [UPDATED]

Until we're back in the office and update the BG calendar, here's the schedule for January's first few days:

January 1: Champions' Skyring
January 2: Corsairs' Stronghold
January 3: Gridiron

Here's the updated calendar!


  • VunakVunak ✭✭✭
    Lets at least try this month and don't leave us hanging for days on end to get the rest of the Calendar. Also better rewards that aren't a complete slap in the face to your PvP crowd. Thanks.
  • Just throwing this out there in hopes that EME reads it, but people que Fraywind almost every day. CS is the most popular after that so it would really make sense for saturday and sunday to be fwc/cs like they used to. In addition, Grid never needs to be jackpot because it still has outdated rewards from last patch, and thus noone ques it. Ever.
  • Nice to see jackpots improving though.
  • VunakVunak ✭✭✭
    It is funny to see that FWC the BG that gives the best reward and probably the most popular has the least days on the calendar. I don't know if they are doing it to push people into other BGs or if EME is just again showing they are disconnected from the player base.

    Grid is being deleted as a BG for a reason. Just saying.

    Jackpots are getting better at least. Progressing in the right direction. All we need now is Essences.
  • KoikoiKoikoi ✭✭✭
    EME is quite literally forcing people to play *their* BG of the day instead of letting us decide what we want to que for. This is quite saddening to see.

    Not everyone wants to do solo 3's, or gridiron or fraywind canyon.

    The rewards are getting a bit better, however limiting your playerbase to what they want to que for is hurting it more than anything.

    Why can we not have one large scale one small scale pvp set up on the same days?


    Monday - Solo 3's & Gridiron
    Tuesday - Team 3's & Fraywind Canyon
  • First of all, that is ridiculous. You cannot please everyone and should not try to be honest. This system pleases plenty of pvpers as the rewards are quite good. If you do not want to queue for Skyring, Gridion or FWC, there is this crazy thing, where you can just...not do that! WOWOWOWOW!

    This iteration of the jackpots is the best so far, so please stop complaining.
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