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They didn't listen...no more double vanguards. PLEASE REVERT



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    they selectively ignore our stuff. Not only this, but many older bug reports too. Makes me seriously doubt how useful it even is to post. Wonder if they ignore it just to not blatantly say "no" thinking it will have a negative impact or what, but I feel like a direct no would be less of a spit on our faces.

    Just as an FYI, I have been passing along all Feedback I have come across ( forums, discord, in-game, reddit, etc.. ).

    Unless something changes, I'll still have to refer to what was posted back in Early January by Spacecats.

    where is this vanguard schedule then that spacecats spoke of ?
    it would be A LOT easier to just put double vgs on all the same as its become the norm instead of making a schedule and trying to decide on times ot run x2 or x3 vg events without upsetting players and having forums flooded again.
    take the easy way this time, its the best one
  • just keep the tokens X2 please... the rest we can wait for events
  • So I'm a player from loooong time ago (pre-f2p and played until around mchm) who came back recently. Compared to back then, I feel that most things have changed for the better, like simplified gear enchanting and streamlined leveling process with avatar weapons. But on this subject EME has simply [filtered] up. This change hurts new and returning players like me the most. How is it good for player retention when you place a giant wall of artificial grind ahead of new players when there is already a huge gap of power? Am I supposed to just go away and wait for another OP event to catch up to old players? This change is seriously making me reconsider my decision to come back to tera.
  • Where is the schedule of events similar to bg jackpot schedule that was supposed to replace double vg?
  • Agree with @ElinLove would be less raging on forums if we would get response as it was mentioned. Because it looks like were writing into the nether and eme is ephemeral substance.
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    Please, revert back the vg rewards. It is a pain to get glyphs as it is, and without x2 rewards on IoD, for an example, it's extremely hard. Not everyone has that kind of time. Now we'll need to waste a bunch of time only to get glyphs when we could be playing and having fun, instead we'll be raging and giving up on playing at all because seriously, can't be. It's very unfortunate not to be able to play with appropriated glyphs setup.
    Just revert it back already. It's been made pretty clear that these changes are unwanted. It's a huge turn off for new players to be motivated to go on with endgame content - hitting 65 and having to work twice as hard to get your glyphs done (not to mention the waste of time when you could simply finish it much sooner). I'm pointing this situation because it's one I'm struggling with at the moment and I bet I'm not the only one.
    But, as it has been mentioned several times accross the posts on the forums, it is, as well, a big upsetting change for the community as one, seen that there is absolutely zero motivation to run dungeons at all.
    Eme, You might have thought that it would be a good idea and would get people into following a schedule just like battlegrounds but you might've forgotten that battlegrounds are the "only" way to pvp on Tera at the moment - so whether there is a jackpot or not, people would do it anyway (of course the jackpots are a big motivating go - but even with the vg double rewards the game is pretty slow since everybody is done with their hm titles at this point, without any rewards it's guaranteed that no one is going to play at all. If you bother to log on and check the servers' LFG window, you'll notice how empty the game is. Nobody wants to stick to something unrewarding, if they valuate their time, which any sane person does.)
    Do something about it, for a change @CobaltDragon @Halrath @seandynamite
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