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Regular events

First off I want to thank @seandynamite for the broken prison event i think i know why cause as i have seen with the new mechanics like the dungeon is hardly being ran this is what i think, nice event, there also the guardian legion 24/7 thing which is good but just in my opinion i think there should be item level specific events for example with this broken prison event what about the new level 65 players there should be some event for them and their guardian item level so we stormcry players wont be able to cash in on our mains, yeah we have our alts but it will be guardian gear specific for new 65 players just my 1 cent.

So to what this post is about the topic say it all.
I played Eu tera for some days, now and then i go back play a little and what amazes me is the amount of players i see online but to me like its so hard to progress in EU tera cause everything is expensive but yet still there are many players online i wonder why guess what there is always some event running.

EME from passed events before the gear revamp patch the events were like over done to much rewards were given out and now we have to beg for events because of the passed mess is like you all afraid to do events because of a lost of balance also the player base always begs for more.

I think you all should do regular events scale down the rewards and no matter if the player base ask for more don't listen we will always complain and say this ain't rewarding enough.

i think regular events will revitalize the current tera online population like EU Tera and bring back some bored players.

just look at this nice event EU got last year in the video https://youtube.com/watch?v=pzZ28b8Czb0

it don't have to be some big big big event. simple events less rewarding than pass events but regular not one that will fill our banks in 10 mins of play events that will keep us wanting to play more.

@seandynamite love the gifts today yeah we will always complain that how we are even some player didn't like that it was just hp pots but and that note its something you can do everyday or every hour your play for you get a random post with a gift again it don't have to be rewarding 10 silver talents 20 entropic emblem every hour something different my 1 cent lol. thanks for the hp pot i always run out out of them.


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    I also think that a much-more constant stream of regular events is the way to go, and that also seems to be the direction they're heading. The problem with "headliner" events is that the expectations get too big, and they all end up being disappointments. If you want to have "big prizes" that get people's attention, then the event can't run for long or else people will accumulate too much, but then people complain that it's out of their time zone and they can't participate. So anyway, with a constant stream of events it takes the pressure off any one given event, it opens it up to more players, and you can iterate more subtly and influence the reward balance in small ways from week to week to help progression.

    Melyodis wrote: »
    just look at this nice event EU got last year in the video https://youtube.com/watch?v=pzZ28b8Czb0
    This in particular, though, it basically like an in-game implementation of Kyra's Potion Shack (collect 5 tokens in dungeons, redeem for a random prize). So we have had this type of event before, at least.
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    @counterpoint cool i thought was something different it also reminded me about the moon mount event long ago. there could be an event like with the space cats tokens add then to battlegrounds change the token shop items that could have BG'S poping also there so much
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    It's not really possible to implement an "ilvl restricted" event. Ilvl in the game works as the required level or higher, so anyone with Stormcry would still be able to participate. You could, obviously, just make the event reward enchantment materials for that specific tier which would make it not worth Stormcry players' time.

    (And even if they could restrict the ilvl, players could just run in their Stormcry and switch to Guardian gear at the end)
  • Sorry for the radio silence - thanks for the recognition for this event; we have plans to continue the events throughout the month and into next month, leading into the Male Brawler release. We haven't posted a calendar of events yet but I plan on getting that done early next week so you can see what's coming. I appreciate the patience on that front; I promise your voices are heard!
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    You say make regular events with okay rewards but not good, but me personally when i see a event that is only okay rewards and in a unfun event, it doesn't make me want to play, you know what i do, i just ignore it and play something else, because whats the point of a event if it isn't fun, i'd rather give another game my time because of the staff here are making lazy events. The only time a unfun event is decent is when it gives good rewards. Do you think people enjoyed the 3 days of 24 hours mongo event? No, but the rewards were so good it made up for it.
    You look at EU/gameforge and they have weird and fun looking events, like changed dungeons with effects or you know the event server they did, meanwhile our test server was the most boring thing ever and they didnt even do any fun weird events in it even though those characters would of been deleted anyway.

    If the "events" that are coming up are just "run this dungeon that you've ran all the time but heres 1-4 extra pieces of crappy loot" then dont bother. You know what we do when kyras is around? we find the least annoying dungeon to run while still having reasonable rewards because its never fun.But you know i might just be one of those "old salty" players. So people can feel free to tell me they love the stupid events we've been given, that im out of touch and a idiot.

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    It would be nice if we could get actual rewards.

    What i liked about EU is that they gave "guaranteed" rewards instead of RNG giving us a real option to get rewards instead of running the same dungeon ten times to get nothing ( actually, if we run broken prison for example and do not get a smart dyad then am i wrong to say that this whole event is pointless? ). I mean.. why not give rewards for different dungeons at the same time once again like EU does? They gave rewards and decent at least to RK-9 Hangar - Broken Prison - Thaumetal Refinery (HM) - Ravenous Gorge - again at the same time giving players a choice for guaranteed items like smart dyads, noctenium infusions and much more.

    Why not be serious about this for once and do things properly instead of throwing out items at random in a dungeon and call it an event?

    Also, check this out:

    Event: Guardian Legion Bonus


    Guardians of Arborea, lend me your ears! From 12 PM on Friday, 2nd February until 10 AM on Monday, 5th February you’ll earn additional rewards for completing missions for the Guardian Legion.

    Look forward to the following:

    Bonus Reward: +100 Arborean Guardian points & + 5 Vanguard Initiative Credits


    You can receive the bonus rewards up to 40 times per day.
    The rewards come in addition to existing rewards.
    You receive the bonus reward every time you collect a “chest” (100,000 points).

    Enjoy the event!

    The TERA Team

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