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Can anyone explain what the Patch Notes meant by....

"Slightly increased the lock-on Area."
"Reduced the lock-on area."

??? I'll be honest, it sure as heck does not mean the Range for the lock-on. Preist still lock-on within a 19m range, and Mystic can still lock-on within a 27m range.


  • Mystic's lock on range was 40m and it was reduced to 27m. Priest, dunno.
  • basically the sensitivity of the lock on. before the patch, priests had to put the target in the center of the crosshair to lock on, but mystics could just put the crosshair somewhere near the target and it would lock on.
  • Somewhere near? Their clease damm well instalocked on nearly anything on their screen.
    But yeah, priest now has it easier to lock onto people by just swiping over them.
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