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  • AnotsuAnotsu ✭✭✭
    No it's not closed. Discord is a great app, do not speak badly of it.
    [filtered] you're hard to deal with.
  • TLXTLX ✭✭
    MistyTera is drunk,be careful. Joke, but i read the first page of this thread and i make a mess.
  • StarkhoeStarkhoe ✭✭✭
    Wow you're like a conspiracy theorist on steroids. I love it. There is one problem though. What you said can apply to almost anything. In fact, in a way, the only so called "final solution" to all of this, would be to either stop people from using applications like Discord (not going to happen because people love free stuff), or even take it one step further, shutting down the entire internet (if that's even possible). Those are theoretically the only way to truly surf online safely.

    I mean Discord is just one entity right. What about Facebook? Twitter? The Cloud? Youtube? they all have BS policies and manipulative ways of collecting and selling personal information to whichever third parties pay the most. Everyone with two cents knows that, yet practically everyone uses those, while being fully aware that they are most likely being exploited and having their data collected to build up whatever next business model is gonna become the more dominant one on the market. My point being, you can`t stop the corruption and you can`t stop people from jumping head first into seemingly profitable "free" models. Because like it or not when it comes to these things, everyone is going to get used in some way. Literally, everyone logging into anything puts them at some kind of risk. Officially and unofficially as one. Even downsizing you're online data manually, still means you're connected to the internet. Social security numbers, public records, you're own bank accounts, and thats not even the tip of iceberg of what actually gets documented by you, without you're knowledge via policies imposed on the general public by so many entities, I doubt anyone here would even be able to name all of them.

    Look, i`m not saying that you're wrong or paranoid, you have presented some facts I won`t attempt to argue over. In fact, I hate arguing in these matters because there's always gonna be someone out there that does these things for a living (or simply has no life at all), and that person could present information I wasn't even aware of. Its a lose lose battle, just by getting into it. Thats how bad things really are imo. I understand that you are trying to raise awareness over a subject that you feel strongly about. However surely you realize that you can`t beat the machine. Especially not in a place like this. Because in Tera in specific, id say that only a handful of people even want to be aware of these things. Most people just get by.
  • TwilitAbyssTwilitAbyss ✭✭
    edited March 2018
    I've been using Discord for well over a year now and I've never experienced any problems with it. In fact I prefer it over TeamSpeak and Skype due to its lack of lag or freeze-ups when chatting with my gaming buddies. I just find it more reliable tbh
  • MistyTera wrote: »
    I've been using Discord for well over a year now and I've never experienced any problems with it. In fact I prefer it over TeamSpeak and Skype due to its lack of lag or freeze-ups when chatting with my gaming buddies. I just find it more reliable tbh

    I don't care and it's just a fact that Hammer&Chisel got sued by gamers. Use Discord, just don't be foolish use and giving them reason to use that data. I was done! PLEASE STOP or I will report for harassment!

    The problem is that whatever you post, hackers can steal that. The fact of WTS my body speech on Global Chat. Are you insane? Posting pics on Discord like that! GROW UP! Hackers can steal that information like a ghost! I'm sure there are many cases of that happening. For the record Discord is the MOST UNPROTECTED VOIP I HAVE EVER SEEN! Even when updates, hackers find a way. Discord are amateurs when it comes to protection. Yet it still is happening! You don't care, but I do!

    The fact that you can't delete the account! READ THE COMMENTS!

    States a fact that Discord wants your DATA!


    What I'm stating to all is to use it appropriately, rather than use it foolishly. It should be only voice chat for gaming, not a exploit! Post YouTube videos or what not, just not something that can be used upon you by any personal means. Have a nice day. I'm done!

    [Make this thread closed PLEASE] No reason to give any more post. I just want you to understand something, to use Discord appropriately.

    Look man, I'm not sure where you got the idea where I was "harassing" you, I was merely explaining my reasons for using Discord. Thus you would be falsely reporting which IS harassment by the way in case you weren't aware. And who said anything about sharing pics on it? I only use the voice call feature on it and nothing more. Take a chill pill, fam. Relax. Breathe. It's not that big a deal in any case.
  • How about you calm down and stop stressing yourself out over literally nothing and stop making assumptions about other people? Less trouble and stress for everyone involved if you actually stopped to take the time to think over everything you've been saying. You have your right to not use Discord, and those who do use it have their every right to use it. End of.
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