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    Hi guys! I'm on right now (either on Amalthea or Alcyone) and so is Sakusagi (or on Hitsuko). Please leave us a name or request friend one of us and we'll get back to you if you have any questions, or just parcel one of us so we know who to contact. Since it's the holidays, a few of our officers are busy with real life stuff so it might be a little harder to get ahold of a few of us.
    i sent a friend request to amelthea and alcone, as well as hitsoko.

  • @Draxind I added you as a friend on TERA. I'll parcel you our discord in a second!

    @R6EGEDE7LJ Hi! Neither Hitsuko nor I got a friend request on either of our characters :(. Did you misspell the names?
  • @Megu No, I did not, my name is Obsidon, I'm a lancer, and I will resend the requests!
  • @R6EGEDE7LJ Hi! I just tried adding you and it says there's no character named Obsidon on Tempest Reach :(
  • @MeguI think I figured out the problem.... there are characters with your names one ascension valley... and that's why I thought there was your guild. I will be trying to move my character now because I've been grinding my lancer to get to level 65 for the past two days, basically straight.
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    Hi, My name is Jeff and i would like to join the guild. I am a completely new player that was just browsing for a mmo, and I took a liking to tera. Hopefully you guys will accept me and guide me through the game and play with me so i can enjoy the game to the full potential.
    My discord is MyNameIsJeff#6821
    My IGN is : Oneshotgg
    Preferablly add discord first
    (my forum account got hacked and someone made it random letters)
  • @XFJAKRPADW I sent both a friend request on Discord and a guild request to your character!
  • MeguMegu ✭✭
    Hi guys, we're still recruiting if anyone is interested~
  • MeguMegu ✭✭
    Bumpy~ Still recruiting as usual ^^ Join our little family~
  • Hello, I'm coming back after playing a year or 2 ago, at the time i stopped mostly because the guild I was playing with died. Danny
    #2474 send me a request on discord if you don't mind, should have it downloaded soon.
  • MeguMegu ✭✭
    @5WT6WR4KNC I sent a request :) I'm Megumi~
  • Hello ! I've been toying with the idea of coming back to Tera once again. Heard some stuff about the current patches and class revamp. I don't know which char to play since i have multiples capped characters. Between work and Monster Hunter World, I do not have that much time free to play.. I'm very much on the fence. Your guild seems like a nice spot to hang around, If I decide to play again, I shall send you a request. If you still recruting..

    Have a wonderful day ~
  • MeguMegu ✭✭
    @lakhail Feel free to drop by if you do! Most of the active members also have work or school during the day on weekdays, so that might fit with your schedule o3o. We always tell people to play what they like, so we aren't really picky with classes either~ Take your time choosing what you want to play ^^
  • ZadozexZadozex
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    Hey, I wanted to reach out and see if you guys were willing to take a larger chunk of players all at once. My MMO friends and I recently migrated to this game after playing various other games and we're looking to tackle the endgame content eventually. We've been playing 3-4 weeks now and we joined a random world shouting guild for convenience as we were getting used to the game, but we'd like to find a more permanent home with more like-minded people. All of us are MMO veterans with an eye toward progress and thick skin as we take our lumps learning, so your recruitment post caught my eye. We all use Discord as well. So far we are farming the 2 and 3 star dungeons pretty easily, but we've only dabbled in the 4 star content. We have the following people:

    1: Brawler (main 442 gear score) / Mystic (alt 439) / Slayer (alt 432)
    2: Sorcerer (main 443)
    3: Valkyrie (main 445) / Berzerker (might be new main? 439)
    4: Berzerker (main 436) / Brawler (might be new main? 434)
    5: Warrior (main 442)
    6: Mystic (main 434)
    7: Brawler (main 437)

    That's our main crew, but we also have about 4-6 other people that are just starting and still leveling. They may or may not play actively or long term, but it would be nice if they could join too.
  • @Zadozex Hi! o/
    Yes we accept as many people as we can! We have a good amount of places in our guild, don't be shy to include your friends in too! We have alot of guildmates who have mastered high tier dungeons and their characters classes who are open to share their knowledge and teach newcomers too! c:

    Our guild objective is improving all together in a friendly like environnement and help eachother, share experiences, includes fellow guildmates in their party and enjoy grinding dungeons and increase their skills and knowledge in the end game of Tera. ;P

    We are working too in creating a Divinitus raid party and we accept anyone who is interest in Harrowhold raid! c: More question or/and want to contact us easily, Here is my Discord's name: Jyjess#4963
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