Valentines Day BAMassacre. My thoughts to what really is going on.

So in the original patch notes for this event, there was a little line that said "players in a raid will get credit only when in the party with the top damage to the BAM" something like that. And during launch something went wrong where every player in the raid got credit for the kill regardless of DPS, so getting a 500, or even 1000 kill credit took maybe an hour, in which time you get 19 strongbox keys, a bunch of other RNGoodies. So for those people online during launch it was really easy to just netflix afk and chill and collect free loot. So, aside from possible server lag this little bug seems like a great reason to disable the event, which honestly is what they did 500 kills is way too much for 2 keys. Also your lower level toons got event credit from dungeon bosses, so hopping on a healer alt and doing a few dungeons for free keys, taking 30 mins delete and start again was another really easy way to get event loot if your mains were tapped out of rewards. Think this is just EME doing damage control for a event-breaking bug sneaking into the raid party and allowing players to afk-freeloot.


  • Would've been nice if they explained that, or said they were disabling the lower tiers temporarily while they fixed that problem. Instead, they just took the lower tiers away, punishing everyone who wasn't doing the methods you described, all the while making it so the only way to reasonably get this to do one of those very things. The only method they really stopped was those who made new alts for this purpose, at least to me. Damage control or not, this was done poorly.
  • It wasn't even a method, it was just being in a raid group and if you helped kill bams it went even faster. Have a group or a valk on each spawn and kill it as soon as it spawned. The alt method sure, but that was just some extra on top of the raids. They really screwed over people who werent online during launch.
  • If at anytime we become aware of an exploit, even one we create thru event design, we will take appropriate action and be completely visible that the action was taken due to an exploit.

    We reduced the event to its current state of only having the 500 threshold due to player performance reports and server reports from our operations team.
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