Yan's Nooddle soup [FREE ART :)]

Since I saw this is a thing here and I'm a returning player I want to make some free stuff as examples!

Submit pictures of your character any server! any race! And I will pick to make:

1 Chibi
1 Semi-chibi
1 Bust
1 Full character concept

If you wonder about my skills, you can just check: https://yanniplum.deviantart.com/ Or search Yanniplum around =)
I made a lot of chibis about League, which you can easily find using the words "Yanniplum Chibi Lol" on google search.

I will pick personally the characters I want to draw, so do not hesitate to post more than one.
Some of my preferences (which might affect my selection, and probly will):
Cute, Females, Elins... :P sparkly, kawaii, Cool design weapons, detailed... I do not mind drawing males if I like the design, but I often find myself enjoying more the sexyness of females.

If your character doesn't get selected, do not worry, if I have time I will eventually make a shop :D


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