[MT] Slay is recruiting

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Guild Name: Slay
Time Zone: Variable
Region: International
Server: MT (NA)
Strength: PvE
Language: English
Voice: Discord

Slay is recruiting skilled and knowledgeable players as well as ambitious newcomers and returning players. This guild is a home for endgame determined individuals to dominate all available content and have a good time doing it.

Slay tries to recruit unique individuals that display a natural talent for gaming or at least a strong willingness and ability to learn from our experienced members. When looking for potential recruits, we try to find people who work well with our current guild members in typical situations such as dungeon runs, leveling, battlegrounds, etc. We enjoy clean dominant runs, but we also look for the people we can get into massive traps with and still have a fantastic time.

Must be active in voice chat (at least listening to calls and participating socially)
Must be level 65
Must have full Frostmetal or higher
Must be a good person
! We are heavily recruiting Lancers, Brawlers, and Healers !

Endgame Training:
For players not yet Frostmetal or not experienced in endgame dungeons we have a small section of our guild available to help mentor and guide you to accomplishing your goals!
If you would take on this role you will be helped by our veterans to obtain your best gear available and learn how to play your class properly! Players with potential will rise to the top, become geared, and trial for us in an endgame dungeon to become a member! This option only applies to players that are highly active with the guild in Discord and Guild chat.

We look forward to seeing you in game!!!!

Contact if Interested
Guild Master: Kiro / K.X.K 

Fill out this application and we will contact you asap! Message me in game for interview if you are very serious about getting in soon.

Thank you!


  • DokibunDokibun ✭✭✭
    Come join Slay we have cute grills and excellent [filtered]!
  • KliceKlice ✭✭
    Still looking for more players to join us in RKEM and HH !!!
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