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[KTERA] Complete List of Talisman Translation



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    Nibellung wrote: »
    In the original doc says tier 2 talismans will have similar modifiers with the current rolls we have and tier 3 talismans will have 2 lines of Skill Enhancements. my question is if t3 talisman does not have the modifiers that t2 talismans have ?(attack modifier, enraged monster, cdr, etc). @Idi0ticGenius do u know any info about it?

    Combining and taking the updated information, it's as following:

    Tier 1 - 2 lines of Base Stats
    Tier 2A - 2 lines of stronger Base Stats than Tier 1
    Tier 2B - 1 line of stronger Base Stat and 1 line of Skill Stat
    Tier 3 - 2 lines of Skill Stat
    Tier 4 - 2 lines of stronger Skill Stats than Tier 2 and 3

    There are not much information about Tier 1 except that we can tell it's weaker as they've mentioned that T2 has stronger Base Stats.

    We know how some stats are like in Tier 2 based on the Director's response, which have been changed to match the current gear rolling. This is actually quite a buff for players that do not have Frostmetal Weapon or higher because the Tier 2 Talisman stats are based on "Heroic Vow" (name subject to change by EME), which is the next gear line up above Stormcry. They have balanced Tier 2 Talismans' Attack Modifier stats based on Heroic Vow's Attack Modifier, which is 1.5% stronger than Stormcry +9. So if you were Frostmetal +0, that's a whopping 64.5% higher Attack Modifier if you take the same rolls (and more because they added some extra buffs), so it's even higher if it's Twistshard.

    Now, Tier 3 is where headache starts because BHS have intentionally made them so that you have to mix and match to find what fits best for you. The issue behind this is that, according to several people I've talked to about them, majority of Talismans are useless and they are already making predictions total increase in efficiency of damage gain vs damage lost from swapping out Tier2 Talismans. But this doesn't mean Tier3 Talismans combinations are absolute garbage compared to Tier2 combinations-- it's just that now we have TOO MANY options to consider. It's good that BHS wants us to have versatility in our options, but this is way too much to take in at once. The game is already hard enough for new players to approach when they reach end game due to amount of information they are being thrown at-- introduction of this system will only make them feel left out, not the other way around as BHS claims.
    ElinLove wrote: »
    According to the intentions of the functionality behind this Talisman system, they should be swappable as they said it is a replacement for gear rolling (and kinda pointed out dual option too).
    Basically you no longer have to re-roll your gear every time you swap equipment, and you no longer have to pay gold for enabling Dual options-- not to mention you can create new set ups without spending anything as long as you have the talismans for it. Additionally, you have 5 slots to create different set ups instead of 2 with dual option system, which I'm guessing it's like hot key for gear swapping. I wonder if it's separate or combined...

    There are no information about soul bind though. We won't know how they exactly work until test server is released.

    As far as what you mention, it sounds like Crystals 2.0 then. Sounds more interesting now than "screw your rolls GRIND THEM BACK!!", I admit I haven't read yet the posts, but I appreciate a lot your work and will eventually read the translations and check out the entire thing out of curiosity.

    Frankly, Crystals 2.0 ain't that horrible really, more like quite interesting system. Hope it's fair on the RNG (in case it has it, again I will check it properly later), and that parties/IMs won't all go full elitists "these talismans or don't apply even". Tho to be fair considering how the new gear progression made people with various different enchant levels get parties fine (outside of the speed runs and such that is), I have a feeling that the community will see for themselves how much work/effort is needed to get them and adapt accordingly their requirements for LFGs/IMs

    It's not wrong to look at it that way either; the reason why I wrote it the way I did is to make people understand the different aspect of the system is-- yes, frankly I'm sugarcoating it for BHS. But people need to understand the give and take approach that the BHS had in mind when designing and developing this new system.

    But what does this mean to players? Talisman is very difficult to say "combination ABCDEFGH are the best" because the major driving factor of performance behind Talisman is not their effect, but the player's skill. Actually, let me correct that-- the ultimate driving factor is RNG. Some of the most ridiculous ones are gated behind RNG, while some are quite conditional to work with-- this will heavily rely on Player skill more than the effect. What's the point of powerful effect if you can't fully utilize it? It actually becomes a loss in such case, so pushing that you must stick to combination ABCDEFGH makes no sense as BHS will also constantly balance these too, which means the set up will change-- I guess this is to make sure that people do not stick with a single set up or two.
    Well, unless they changed it since then, it was 10% and three of the same type and same tier to attempt an upgrade. I didn't see a gold cost, but could be wrong.

    10% chance to combine three Tier 3 talismans of same type with Upgrade Stone III into one Tier 4 talisman of the same type. Note that this isn't RNG-- this works like Smart Dyad fusion. However, it requires you to combine 3 of the same type-- we don't know if it has to be exact same copy or even how they work, and it even costs 25k for a single try according to the image, but that might change so we don't really know for sure.

    Basically it's 3 times worse than trying to fuse three Cruxes with Niveot Structure into a random Fine Niveot-- from fusing about 5000 Niveots myself and recording such data, I'm guessing it's approximately 30% chance to succeed.
    RIP my dream of a shorter wallop CD :'(

    Anyway, thanks Loriri for the amazing work, there's something I couldn't find anywhere: when a talisman drops do we get to choose the roll(s) on it, or is it random? If it is random, do we get a talisman rolled for our class, or a random one among the 585 different ones?

    You do not get to choose the rolls for Tier 3. On the Director's response, when he said "The talismans that is explained below will be selectable on update" refers to the Tier 2 Talismans, which was mentioned on the Dev note that all characters that have already reached Level 65 will receive a set of Tier 2 equivalent talismans to compensate for the loss of gear stats which was updated and explained in Director's response. You can choose the roll for Tier 4 talisman though; but it's behind that 10% chance RNG + 25k per try + loss of 3 talismans of same effects used to fuse.

    Going by how BHS does things, and the context of "we want you to go on a journey to find the set up of your liking" from Director's Response, it's all completely Random except for the RNG fusion for Tier 4.

    it's not among 585 talismans because there are 45 per class, and I don't think BHS would make farming that excessive. Even Dyads having 120 weapon and 77 armor combinations possible are giving us headache and BHS knows that. With Talismans, its already (45 * 44)/2 = 1980/2 = 990 combinations for a single class...

    I mean, if it's random among 585, that's 585 * 584 = 341,640/2 = 170,820 combinations and 157,950 of them will be absolute garbage. That right there would be a great way to destroy player base.

    But all these are just my speculations and observations from the known information. As Ketoth said, such info really can't be known until we see it on the test server.
  • I know there have been discussions about this, but I'll make this thread so that people can find it outside of the TERAOnline Discord, where I post all of my Translations first hand.

    For the Original Developer's Note that sparked the outrage, click here

    For the Official Response from the Director of TERA about Talismans, click here

    For the Complete list of entire 585 Talismans, click here

    If you have any questions, I will answer them over the next few days since there will be Test Server for the Talismans which I will be streaming and gathering info starting next Tuesday.

    I will also make edits to this main post for FAQ's.

    Thank you for this information.
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