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    metagame wrote: »
    It is moderately hard to get gold, it is extremely hard to get silver.
    a p4 clear alone rewards you with stuff to dismantle for 1560 entropic emblems, enough to buy 52 silver talents. a full hh clear takes about 30-45 mins with a geared, exped raid, while being closer to 1-1.5+ hours with something less

    when many players (probably including you) are willing to substitute keylock/keytrap rings+neck for the rest of entropic, u do not need full entropic on every one of your characters

    not to mention in a previous post u claimed it was more efficient to farm gold to buy talents, so just do that
    whats the issue
    gold from vgs have not changed

    @metagame the guy is salty that's all he post now vg salt and i'm sure hes still playing and i'm sure he bought those same gem crates.
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