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nvm i am unbanned

ah yes.


  • veeboo wrote: »
    hello! it's me, mewsu. (๑╹ᆺ╹)/☆*。☆゚making this temporal thread to announce that my main account has gotten banned from the forums, god knows why. i didn't just disappear! i don't know if i will get it back but for know, know i'm still around deviantART, twitter, tumblr and discord (mew#9375) in case you need to contact me.

    for now, have a lil birb~

    Make a Support Ticket, if you hadn't already.
    We already saw a few reports of the Forum's Spam Filter applying disciplinary to Accounts, even going as far as deleting threads / posts by those profiles.
    If you write in, we should be able to review the Forum Profile, and at the very least, remove the disciplinary action.
  • @CobaltDragon i have! i also got all my stuff deleted but as long as i can get the account back... i'm just waiting for another ticket update now to hopefully have my account back in forums. tysm for replying!! :3
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