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    Equitas wrote: »
    There being no way to get them now is the point. They're exclusive. People want to keep it to themselves because they put in the grind, and they don't deserve to have that effort undermined by having the same reward practically given away. You'd be in favor of this argument as well if you had ever earned anything of value.

    You know... The same was said about the Kelsaik Mask....
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    @CobaltDragon add the mask make it very expensive problem solved 15k coupons even I ain't got so much.
  • noctnite powerfists = frostmetal fists
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    Equitas wrote: »
    I was just thinking about that earlier. I wasn't around when Kelsaik's Nest was, what I assume to be, part of endgame content. I'm guessing there were some conditions involving defeating Kelsaik in order to get that mask. It's not fair that the people who accomplished that had their rewards rendered meaningless. Unfortunately, the damage has been done and I can only hope things like this don't happen again in the future.

    The solution that time, such that it was, was to create a copy and give it a different name, so that it looked the same but you'd know the difference upon further inspection. The same solution could potentially be used again, if people are open to the idea.

    Personally, I don't have very strong feelings about exclusivity after many years have passed (it's like a timed exclusive), but I do understand the argument for people who want to keep it fully-exclusive, too.
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    Thanks to all involved on this update! I liked the addition of the noctenium weapons and the gothic dress variants for reapers. Also, it's nice to finally have a coupon skin for brawlers that looks like it fits into the game's aesthetics, among all the "new era" classes brawlers had the smallest selection of weapon skins on both the cash shop and fashiop coupon store.

    Edit: Also, regarding legacy reputation items, I don't think releasing them with different names, tooltips or colors would be a bad thing, of course I can see that some want to keep them as a proof of dedication to the game but, well, it's a game, no one really gives a flying [filtered] about how many dungeons or battlegrounds you ran, unless you're planning to apply for a job in EME or in the videogames industry in general, I don't think someone here will put in their resumee something like: "- Obtained the ghost knight helmet on all 8 characters", or something like that. Let people have, man.
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    I still want them to add permanent firey halo @CobaltDragon . I know we can keep buying them every month for the temp ones, but having them available for perm would be very nice.
  • Thanks for eagle warrior helm best hat in game but always epic overpriced, finally can spend those 9999 fashion coupons, best update since male brawler. Keep doing a great job,thanks
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    i support putting alliance mask in coupon shop, there is no other way to get them anymore it's unfair to new players
    plus having them in the game will certainly boost the fashion statement which will benefit many (including older players for new chars that they have created) - i dont understand why people prefer to grind for it still and want to keep it to themselves when it can be openly available.

    I have to agree with this because if the alliance masks were in game then i could understand that players who are grinding for them could deserve to have them as exclusive items but since the items are no longer in game then i think that it is fair to let anyone else have it. And especially since the alliance content will not comeback anytime soon. Also, the alliance pvp died with one year before the content was removed and the grind was not really that hard since you could join the alliance with the least members active and get exarch with little effort mostly from dailies - leveling up alts for the mask from scratch since they were getting alliance points from leveling was also extremely easy- .. So whoever got the masks before the content was removed did not actually put that much effort into it and simply got them because the content was still available even though it was dead ( it is not like they cleared this hard mode dungeon that was actually "hard" either ).

    In my case, i have around three or four masks since i am playing for years and i could always jump in and get one - especially when pvp was in its prime and it was even fun to do it- so it is not like i want them for myself but i still think that others should have them if they wanted to..

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    I too agree that alliance mask should become available to public.

    But once again, we are back to the time when kelsaik nest hm was removed alongside other dungeons. With it ofc, it's exclusive reward, the kelsaik mask.

    People just like now, raged at the option of having the mask made available to everyone, because their "exclusivity" was in danger. It also came to the fact that some people hard work would be thrown to the trash by giving the last to anyone, even when they never cleared the dungeon.

    In the end, everyone settled by having a copy of the mask, with different name and tooltip, made available to everyone.

    I can guess the same will happen here. If the alliance mask are made available to everyone, the ones who have it already will without a doubt demand the mask to be removed because their exclusivity is being attacked.

    Should this happen, we should ask the people who have the masks: how we make available this mask while keeping your exclusivity? What color should we change it to, so that you don't come telling us "the free mask is better looking than the exclusive one, I demand action!"? What name should we rename it to? And more questions.
  • Is it possible to make ninja costume (for example: dyeable?
    I'm happy with the updates! Thanks!
  • LOL! People asking for alliance masks... hahha please dont put them in the store. Those were for people who did pvp in alliance. Better put alliance back EME!
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    This costume isn't available in Store and on broker had a large gold sale value...

    Name: Dyeable Princess Arin's Maid Uniform
    ID: 178368

    i meant before... please put Alice Dress q~q
    Alice in Wonderland Alice Dyeable [Elin]
    ID: 182155
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    Is it possible to make ninja costume (for example: dyeable?
    I'm happy with the updates! Thanks!

    I think this is not dyable because you have several similar versions but in diferent color at fashion coupon store.
  • ElinUsagi wrote: »
    Is it possible to make ninja costume (for example: dyeable?
    I'm happy with the updates! Thanks!

    I think this is not dyable because you have several similar versions but in diferent color at fashion coupon store.

    I believe that there are not enough color choices, and the "white" and "red" version of those costumes look rather "pink" and "purple."
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