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Fashion Coupon Store Update - Phase 1



  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    Luniack wrote: »
    This costume isn't available in Store and on broker had a large gold sale value...

    Name: Dyeable Princess Arin's Maid Uniform
    ID: 178368

    i meant before... please put Alice Dress q~q
    Alice in Wonderland Alice Dyeable [Elin]
    ID: 182155

    I'm also all in for Alice dress but the issue is with BHS allowing it or not. Sadly, it's bugged and they won't let it be added to any region because of that (like that was true for the rest of the game but oh well). If I recall, EU has some reskin version of the maid uniforms that make it look like Alice one, but not the actual Alice dress too
  • Luniack wrote: »
    Name: Dyeable Princess Arin's Maid Uniform
    ID: 178368

    They rewarded this from the BAM Killer event a few years back, and I think a few incidental times since, but I think it would make more sense to add it as an event prize than to add it to fashion coupons. If you were going to have it on fashion coupons, it'd have to be a very high amount, I think.

    And yeah, Alice is a totally different issue that has nothing to do with fashion coupons, really.
  • nothing huge but " Drunkard's overcoat" is in the leather list twice, the only difference is that the first one in the list can be worn by all leather classes, the second one is for warrior,arch,slayer only
  • On the topic of making exclusive items available to everyone after a period of time...

    I'm a little sad now. There was an amazingly-worded post I recall from the old forums, but it seems they're now dead. So I can't find it to link to. Time marches on, I suppose... Either way, the gist of it was this (apologies to whoever I'm paraphrasing from, as I really can't remember enough of it). People were whining about something being made easier - probably a drop rate increase for a VM mat or whatever - and how all their hard work was now indistinguishable from the unwashed masses. That it "hurt" to see something they put so much effort into suddenly be easily achievable by others.

    Someone - a pretty old player, if I recall - responded and said... that no, it didn't hurt them at all. "You know what hurt? When they made MCHM drop quills 100% of the time. To see something you spent months grinding for suddenly attainable in a few days, easily sellable via sold runs. That hurt." And it didn't stop there - they listed a half dozen or more things that used to be the providence only of the best players, that now everyone and their mother had. Gear. Mounts. Titles and achievements.

    And it made them stop and think, they said. Really, really think about it. Why did they like their achievement so much? What did it mean to them, really? Why did other people getting a swing at it upset them so?

    The conclusion they came away with was that... it didn't matter. It just didn't. That what they valued wasn't actually the gear, or the mount, or the pet - they valued the memory and the experience. That achievement meant something to them, as an individual - more than the gold worth of it. They knew that they earned it; it was a point of personal pride. And conversely, it meant nothing other than a shallow aesthetic perk to the new player who got it easier.

    So, why shouldn't a new player be allowed to wear some novelty trinket that used to be exclusive? Maybe it looks cool and the coloring goes well with the costume they like. Life goes on. Sure, you had it first, maybe for years. Let the new people have some of that fun, too. Skilled and experienced players stand out, even without some trinket to "prove" it. Just a single trip through solo-queue IMS should make that abundantly clear.

    ...I've built up quite a bit of junk over the years. I'm a pack rat, so sue me. I'm sure if I went through my bank I'd find quite a few things that simply can't be achieved or acquired anymore. And I couldn't care less if anyone else had those as well. Why should I? They're not me.

    I don't carry around my old VM1 scepter to show it off or to taunt people. I carry it around because it's an important memory, a point of pride. It represents a time when me and several guildies decided to do something difficult. And failed, over, and over, and over again. The excitement over voice chat as we finally managed to hit her time limit instead of wiping to her attacks (shaddup that was a heck of a milestone at first). The slow progress, each day managing to get further before losing. The absolute horror of losing when her HP literally read 0%, with only a single DPS alive frantically trying to kill her before dying. And the unadulterated joy of finally beating her. That is what my old scepter means to me. A symbol of my progress and my friends. The entire rest of the server having the same thing doesn't diminish my love of it in the slightest.

    And it's not just a gear thing. I have a large number of costumes. Too many, perhaps. I like some better than others. There tends to be a common theme, though. Ones I thought "oh nifty let me buy" I wear a while and then bank as I get a different urge. The ones I keep coming back to, the ones I truly like... tend to be ones that were gotten for me as a gift from close friends, or ones I had to do something special to win. Because they're more than just a costume, they're a memory. Heck, I still pull out my unicorn mount sometimes - it looks funny and it's strictly inferior to my other mounts, but I'll be damned if it's not perhaps my most prized possession in all of Tera, because of how I got it.

    ...If giving an item a different name or description lets you rationalize things and sleep better at night, so be it. Whatever floats your boat. But if you feel upset at the thought of "other people" getting an easier swing at something you already got, and want to stop them from doing so... perhaps you, too, need to sit down and reconsider what exactly it is that you're trying so hard to hang on to. Perhaps you, too, will see things in a different light.
  • ArdireArdire ✭✭✭✭✭
    how can you attach sentimental memories and feefees to alliance masks those things were [filtered] easy to get, especially near the tailend of alliance's lifespan. i have a handful of them myself, of different ranks, and i can tell you, compared to my mayhem set for example, the feelings i have toward it don't go beyond "haha alliance was cool miss those days"

    they weren't hard to get. not a huge achievement. not meaningful whatsoever-- just admit you want to not share them because it makes you feel 'special' despite doing something that wasn't special at all. let go of your weak egos my dudes.

  • So far I like some of what was added and hope they eventually fill in the store with the other in-game weapon skins and armor skins that are inaccessible (like the avatar weapon skins and some outfits that we still can't get, like the valkyrie's starting armor look.)
  • CezzareCezzare ✭✭✭
    edited March 2018
    Ardire wrote: »
    how can you attach sentimental memories and feefees to alliance masks those things were [filtered] easy to get, especially near the tailend of alliance's lifespan. i have a handful of them myself, of different ranks, and i can tell you, compared to my mayhem set for example, the feelings i have toward it don't go beyond "haha alliance was cool miss those days"

    they weren't hard to get. not a huge achievement. not meaningful whatsoever-- just admit you want to not share them because it makes you feel 'special' despite doing something that wasn't special at all. let go of your weak egos my dudes.


    I remember people in my alliance complaining 'bout how we had all the echelon spots covered and almost none of them showed up on conflict day, and when you asked those echelons why did they bother getting the rank, they answered they just wanted the mask and the mount. Give away the masks.
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    Getting alliance mask was not an easy task. (Inserts laugh meme)
    Explain to me then how in tr, a person monopolized all 3 alliances, feeded his/her way to watch and started to charge gold to everyone who wanted the mask, bribed people that got too close to exarch spot in order for them to drop and let one of his friends have the mask, taking away the chance of anyone not in his/her circle, to obtain said mask.
  • ArdireArdire ✭✭✭✭✭
    "didn't make the cut"

    what cut, dude. they were easy to get, not sure what about that you don't understand. maybe if you had any meaningful experience you'd get it? if the hardest challenge you've ever faced playing tera was getting an alliance mask then...... wyd

    know what also needs to be released? that ugly sirjuka helmet. that thing was also [filtered] easy to get, was 99% RNG. no merit in that. (bring the dungeon back though that was fun)

    everything that had actual merit, smolder, kelsaik mask, etc. have already been messed with, unfortunately. so really the only thing of actual merit is the gear you earned back in the day, no one can take that from you. (+memories)

    just admit that other peoples' envy makes you feel special because other than that shallow feeling you're just another forgettable nobody. no one has to prove anything to you random dude ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • allofspaceandtimeallofspaceandtime ✭✭✭✭✭
    cut or no cut...earned or didn't earn....it doesn't matter . alliance has been removed. the only people that its going to matter to about what you did in the game is maybe some of the older players, and even then it doesn't matter. content has been removed. I mean I guess people can brag to their bf or gf about earning this that or the other. I actually like the idea of bringing out a similar mask with a different name, so that those that did obtain an alliance mask can have their bragging rights. I just hate to see all this fighting in forums over little things and then people getting banned, butthurt, or the thread closed. I think a similar mask with a different name would be a nice compromise.
    so play nice.
  • 6R1MM01R36R1MM01R3 ✭✭✭
    We are getting the masks as new gear slot in a upcoming patch, both the echelon and exarch mask models, so look forward to that.
  • I feel like people are forgetting that Tera has multiple servers. And, you know, perhaps something hotly contested on one server might be dead on another. So perhaps if you're referencing the echelon mask, you may want to note what server you were on - calling BS on the someone on a different server is kinda silly, as you probably never saw first-hand the environment there.

    On CH, it wasn't that hotly contested. Commander spots, sure, and definitely exarch... but not simple echelons. I used to do the daily alliance gathering quests every day, and never failed to get an echelon tier from them alone (no PvP contribution, I don't like PvP at all). Not for the mask, mind you - I personally think it looks hideous - but for the weekly 290 speed mount. If I'm gonna summon for a raid doing Nexus, then I may as well get to nodes faster than the people around me.

    Heck, later on in the lifecycle of alliance, we actually had the reverse problem - people who wanted to get all the achievements were complaining that it was literally impossible to get one of the lower-tier alliance rankings (and its accompanying achievement). There were so few people doing alliance content that simply getting high enough to earn a tier instantly put you halfway up the ladder. It was kinda amusing.

    Though honestly, what's most amusing is some of the suggestions here for this little mask. Really? 931 people (1 initiator, 30 direct friends, 30x30 friends-of-friends, unless I'm reading it wrong) jumping through hoops of red tape and submitting photographic evidence to EME? Should they have it notarized as well, perhaps demonstrate it before a grand jury? Perhaps we can pick random screenshots and declare them as "shopped", maybe if this keeps getting delayed people will forget about it, huh? Alternatively, are there even 931 people playing Tera who still play, already have the mask, and care about this topic at all?

    ...Rereading, actually, some clarification. Are we talking about the basic echelon mask that every echelon got? Or the exarch mask that only exarchs got? (I forget if commanders got different masks as well.) That makes quite a bit of difference, you know. One was given to hundreds every week at next-to-zero effort, while the other (depending on server) might have been very contested.

    (Though personally, if some people were bribing and rigging the rankings to try and prevent people from getting exarch masks... I'd fully support making them freely available now. Just out of spite. Same deal with Smoulder, enough people cheated or bought their way into getting it, that it's not much of a "status symbol" any more in my eyes. But hey, you know what they say opinions are like...)
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    Equitas wrote: »
    There ya go unknown.png
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