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has to be asked ! are we to see a twitch pc today ??

has to be asked ! are we to see a twitch pc today ??
or still ... soon
as ill go back to other things rather than wait again for it


    Just check pinned topic on here and if nothing shows up, then don't expect it.

    Better off not wasting time and just go do your things. I mean just subscribe to their twitch and you'll get a notification anyways without having to wait on an answer if your are really into their streams.
  • Their twitch yesterday was more about advertising console Tera release.still nothing about a new CM for us pc Tera people. I hope they get someone good who can interact smoothly with a majority of the player base. Circuits was playing Tera for the first time though. She is going to have to really dig into the game and do things like 431/439 ilvl dungeons. get a feel for the mechanics, pvping, and such. Maybe next week we can get some info for the Male Brawler event.
  • tisnotmetisnotme ✭✭✭✭
    yes watched it (well for as long as I could)

    the thing I did pick up on and take note was when @circuits suggested the shared twitch stream between pc and console be shifted to wednesdays and at this stag no specific time on this day
    I my self would rather it stay the time it currently is as this works for me but hey wednesdays may work for others

    and for anyone reading that didn't watch , there were no codes
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