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valks arent overpowered, just play better.

A common misconception within the PvP community is that Valks are overpowered.
They're not.
Valks have a plethora of weaknesses, and can easily be played around with proper knowledge of the class and matchups. Since their release, valk's have been repeatedly nerfed, both in PvE and PvP. The recent roll reset bug, backstab stagger nerf all hit valks very hard.. I am sick of the constant whining that Valks are OP, they are not, just get good lol.
If anything, valks need buffs, with a huge amount of classes getting awakening buff on K-Tera, Valks are actually going to be weaker than ever, the upcoming valk nerfs of first auto stagger and dark herald pull nerf honestly are going to pull them from mid tier right now to bottom tier with slayers.

TL:DR = Valks aren't op, you're jsut bad


  • Hey brother, you're saying valks need a buff but you can't even type right, "youre jsut bad" omg...
  • idiots pointing out a single typo because they have nothing better to add to the argument
  • Could not have agreed more. People are actually complaining about valkyries being Overpowered but, no one has said anything about sorcerers! 2 second warp barrier? 150k critical strike with just a button? That class NEEDS to be NERFED!!
  • Yea, you try playing sorc and let me know when you regularly crit people for over 150k in fully buffed mass pvp.

    Btw archers, brawlers, gunners can all do massive damage like that with one button too.
  • Unlikely in this case.
  • valk is extremely broken, compare it side by side to the old melee classes slayer and zerk and it makes them look like a joke. they're not as bad now since they've been nerfed a few times but they still destroy any of the old classes. if a valk stuns or pulls you 1v1 and they have gear its almost guaranteed that you're going to die since valk's stun lasts like a full second or longer than most other classes stuns. the only classes that stand a chance 1v1 are warrior and reaper and they've both been broken as well for a very long time. reaper has pretty much never been directly nerfed and has received dozens buffs. warrior has pretty much been a mindless instant win in 1v1 class for years now, and has only recently become a bit less opressive since the backstab change since now people have to actually aim to land it and thats apparently too hard for 90% of warrior mains.

    what BHS should do is nerf all other classes to be in line with each other power lvl wise but that will literally never EVER happen. instead they'll keep buffing everything until the power creep is so bad that everyone pretty much just oneshots everyone then skillful combos and counterplay will disappear entirely from pvp. in fact some classes are going to be getting literal one shots in the upcoming awakening patch.

    its cool that people are trying hard to resurrect pvp in this game but pvp only gets worse with each "balance" patch and new overpowered class they release. the time for tera's PVP scene came and gone a very long time ago. trying to complain about or defend blatantly broken classes is pretty much a waste of energy, just let it go.
  • OP trying to save his [filtered] from getting more nerf,pls nerf further
  • I agree sorcs are broken @Pumpedd. Very hard matchup for valks much difficult nerf plz opop warp barrier no cooldown hack god break equilibrium no jogability!
  • Valk isn't overpowered, other classes are just underpowered in some situations.
  • A class that can stun during a KD 100% of the time gives me conniptions.
  • That just means you might not have to use retaliation tbh.
  • They're broken but not totally unbeatable.
  • Nerf the pull and I will be fine with it
  • Buff Gunners Pls
  • Hell no gunners don’t need buffs. Their arcan drops half of people’s healths. Two arcans and you’re basically dead
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