Test Server ERROR ..... :-(

Whats going on .... Test , is not Starting good...


  • Test has not yet begun/the server isn't yet live. It starts in 25 minutes or so...
  • The Server down error .... 15 Uhr
    edited March 2018
    Unknow error occurred, error_message=Type=n3fmt11format ErrorE,message=Argument Not found error code =2 do you want Reply?

    Oder Verbindung zum Server abgebrochen....
  • Its 14:09 utc and now i have an error Massage.

    "Unknown Error Occurred, error_Massage='type='N3fmt11FormatErrorE', Massage='argument not Fond", error_Code='-2' "
  • All My Friends did have the same Problems , that Not good Start
  • Thanks for letting us know.
    I provided a response about it in a different Thread.
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