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Regarding BETA plat. Will it be wiped after the beta? I hope so to encourage beta testing the store

@CobaltDragon @Geletron Hey guys, I haven't seen a confirmation on the matter of the EMP being given to players during the BETA.

Now it's obviously intended for beta testing the store and making sure everything in the backend is working, but I have seen some players talking about saving it for launch because they aren't certain on how this will be treated.

Can either of you please confirm so we can make it clear to everyone that it is there purely to test the beta and will be removed from accounts when the beta ends, unless this is not the case.

Thanks in advance, can't wait to get my hands on the beta tomorrow and [filtered] you guys are seriously throwing out some awesome reewards to players in the beta which is greatly appreciated. I really hope a lot of new players check the game out.


  • I would say use it for the xp boost items so you can reach the goal easier for the level rewards
  • I would likely use the XP boost anyways to get a better feel for the leveling time for Elite Status players.
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    I'm spending the 1500 they give us on the store during the beta immediately.
    It's OBVIOUS they are giving the 1500 away for players to spend on the shop to test the shop server during the beta, they even ask that you spend it in the shop in the announcement.
    If you save it you're going to miss out, also I'm going to spend it on the XP boost too like you Vektor.
  • I've seen people talking about saving it which even if it did roll over(which I doubt), it would be gross to abuse the free EMP for anything other than beta testing the store.

    I wish they were more clear when asking players to spend it in that post, including a statement that made it clear the EMP would not roll over into launch. I think it's common sense it will be lost in the beta wipe along with everything else, but leaving this question hanging in the way it's being presented eh.... Could be clearer.

    Hopefully one of the devs can clear this up soon so we can spread the news over the forums. @CobaltDragon @Geletron @seandynamite
  • KaspanovaKaspanova ✭✭✭
    Its there to test the shop, with as much people buying as possible.

    Don't save it, its not Free EMP, you're not getting a freebie.

    Its TEST EMP, you know, because this is a... test.
  • I am certain that's the case myself but I've seen people, including youtubers advising people to hold onto it... So before I call them [filtered] I want to get confirmation that it is 100% purely for testing and will be wiped with the reset.
  • The EMP awarded during Open Beta, as well as anything purchased with EMP will not carry over to launch. It's intended to help us stress test our commerce-related technology during the Open Beta only. Sorry!

    The only permanent unlockables coming out of the Open Beta are the BAM masks that can be won through our challenge board event:

  • KaspanovaKaspanova ✭✭✭
    Thank you @Denommenator
  • That fine at least I'll feel rich for a weekend :D
  • How do I get the free EMP anyway? I don't even see it...
  • MonttuMonttu ✭✭
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    You get it when you log in at certain times sat and sun. It's all laid out in one of the news posts.
  • > @DemonStarlight said:
    > How do I get the free EMP anyway? I don't even see it...

  • Tenshi1Tenshi1 ✭✭✭✭
    Just being able to use the rewards during the beta sucks so much. What's the point then besides the mount cause you can have a speedy ride
  • > @Tenshi1 said:
    > Just being able to use the rewards during the beta sucks so much. What's the point then besides the mount cause you can have a speedy ride

    The point, as specified in the title and the responses, is to stress test the server.
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