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Unknown error occured

error_message='type='N3fmt11FormatErrorE, message='invalid format string", error_code='-2' That's what I get when trying to connect. I'm from Finland and it woukd be really weird of you people if that country was excluded feom open beta.


  • KaspanovaKaspanova ✭✭✭
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    I get a similar error too, using a Playstation 4 in the UK

    error_message='type='N3fmt11FormatErrorE, message='argument not found", error_code='-2'

    This happens when I press X to connect to server at the Title screen
  • Getting thee same error no idea what's going on, i was able to to be in the previous test so it's nothing to do with being excluded something is up with the servers i'm gussing
  • Same Problem here in Germany!
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    Unknown Error Occurred, error_message+'type='N3fmt11FormatErrorE', message='argument not found', error_code='-2' and error_message='type='N3fmt11FormatErrorE, message='invalid format string", error_code='-2' are the 2 error messages I get the most. I also had some page long error code that talked about fonts and other stuff.

    I am in the US and I get these messages when trying to connect to the server!
  • Same here.
  • Thanks.
    As far as I can tell, it's specific to both PS4-EU and PS4-NA.
    We're aware of the error, and actively working to resolve it asap.
  • Same issue. USA here. Thought that maybe i had the wrong time, but i see i am not the only one o-o
  • KaspanovaKaspanova ✭✭✭
    Thanks Cobalt
  • Same Here in Germany , Bavaria
  • alright. i get the same error also. as spongebob says, "i'm ready!"
  • First later Start , than Error ? Aua :-(. Thats real Bad
  • Same here in Luxembourg.
    Would be interesting to know if someone success to login.
    If yes, I have an underscore character "_" in my login name on PS4.
  • HamedoHamedo ✭✭
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    oOo im in~! Let's goo!!
    Edit: Aaaaand disconnected. :'(
  • Does this mean we have a delayed launch seeing as there are errors already?
  • Half an hour ago loging in was possible but of course connecting to the game server was not possible yet.
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