• no we can't play there is problems with connecting to the servers no ETA on a fix
  • NautilesNautiles ✭✭
    There are different threads which already got a reply on the issue.
  • how stupid you have to be, if you are not able to serve the mass of people then you do not have to start the beta on friday afternoon
  • AKS666AKS666 ✭✭
    A beta test is actually for finding issues like that...
  • every populous mmo has a waiting list on login servers nowadays, world of Warcraft has been proplem since over 10 years ago and even neverwinter brings it together, how can I make such a big mistake and estimate the number of logins in 2018 ....
  • NautilesNautiles ✭✭
    If you're not able to withstand issues, don't be part of an "Beta" :)
  • How is it that people are still impatient a-holes on 2018...
  • An open Beta should not be to test if we can make it past the F'n login screen.
  • beta or not beta, login servers need to work these days what's the first impression? so you test something in advance as a good manufacturer, there is no excuse.
  • ERFH5APGR9 wrote: »
    An open Beta should not be to test if we can make it past the F'n login screen.

    yes it should that's the whole point of a beta test, you test everything from servers to the game itself, this is not launch maybe wait until then if you can't handle what a beta is.
  • I've mainly been commenting on this Thread.
    I understand the frustration right now of not being able to get in.
    We're still investigating it, and will continue to provide updates as we have them.
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