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The future of TERA

ive been thinking about coming back, and i hear tera is getting a TON of new content but how long do you think it will last until its gone?


  • tisnotmetisnotme ✭✭✭✭
    it be long after you stop playing again
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    the first guild war is 14 years old, i think everquest server is still open, so with that i would say than tera will die when internet or computer will die or if enmasse chose to destroy all tera data :)
  • Maybe when the new usa no more free Internet law, start to work, the one which allows net companies to nerf internet speed to different bussiness, sites, routers, providers etc. That they consider vile or bad for their bussiness. Means if they want, they can nerf NA speed servers latency , making the game unplayable for another regions outside north america. Guess many sites and games going to pass away with that.
  • LapomkoLapomko ✭✭✭
    edited March 2018
    When it stops being profitable and the cost to keep the servers up exceeds the amount to the keep the server up. The new content is too late to bring in new players. The common issues that are plagiarizing the game are still not solved which made the huge playerbase leave in the first place. I can name a few like sticking with the server provider ZAYO which has proven to have bad routing and made huge playerbase leave to gameforge."use vpn gg" If these problems are neglected the game will die soon and we know EME is subsidiary of BHS and they don't see good $$ they will just revoke the contract. If EME keeps going this direction the game will close within few years.
    edited March 2018
    Just dance like nobody is watching?

    And Tera is getting a lot of attention from BHS/EME/Gameforge ( i know.. Gameforge is in EU but it affects NA indirectly xD ).. and because of it we might see some very interesting things in the future. At least, i like the fact that we are getting much more events recently for both PvP and PvE on NA while at the same time we have the Awakening patch nexth month and many other things that we have still yet to receive so i do not see Tera dying anytime soon ( i play on MT by the way and if i would consider the numbers that i see at guardians every day or the huge amount of players during the civil unrest as in 200+.. plus the fact that the battlegrounds queue got shortened with the events and that without the leaderboards that we will get soon ).
  • StitchedSoulStitchedSoul ✭✭✭✭
    When the lootboxes will be restricted.
  • KillstyleKillstyle ✭✭✭
    Right now seems like a perfect time to come back. Male brawler is going to release, fashion coupon store had an update and has more coming, and the new story / content is coming. I think Tera is stopping the slide it's been in with these additions. Now if they can continue give us NEW content and not reskinned / rehashed content then Tera could go for a long while. Of course BHS is making a new Tera type game (A.I.R.) that combines steampunk and magic and air and ground fighting, so BHS might be shooting Tera in the foot. Also, BHS refuses to upgrade to UE4 so all their games are still made with the crappy UE3. Hope for the best. I still enjoy Tera from time to time but it needs consistent content updates.
  • "I've been hearing rumors of a ton of new Conent" "New Story/Content is coming"

    Where exactly are you guys pulling this [filtered] out of? the Class Awakening quest line? that is 2 quests? There is nothing NEW coming besides re-purposed dungeons and more of the same [filtered]. Lootboxes and costumes.
  • LapomkoLapomko ✭✭✭
    The new content are always lackluster and too grindy. People just come back to try out for a week get fud up and then leave.
  • PagesPages ✭✭✭✭
    GGRMHMXFA6 wrote: »
    "I've been hearing rumors of a ton of new Conent" "New Story/Content is coming"

    Where exactly are you guys pulling this [filtered] out of? the Class Awakening quest line? that is 2 quests? There is nothing NEW coming besides re-purposed dungeons and more of the same [filtered]. Lootboxes and costumes.

    1. New hairstyles were a pretty big step forward along with the head accessory customizer (cosmetic content)
    2. DS4 is coming (requested by many) as confirmed in a KTERA Developer note from Phantom (DS4 has leaderboards which is requested competitive PVE content + rewards "exclusive" cosmetics)
    3. Gridiron is replaced with a new PVP battleground (Gridiron2 essentially)
    4. PVP leaderboards return March 13 along with RMHM (repurposed dungeon, I'll admit)
    5. Antaros' Abyss (new dungeon) soon(tm) with new gear slot (Mask) and gear upgrade (Stormcry+9 -> Heroic Vow)
    6. Rally BAM "world content" will return soon(tm) in the CU zone

    These are some changes that will be coming to NA in the future. As well, the Brawler class expanding to Human Male was heavily requested by many players. I'm not saying that BHS can't do better--they definitely can--but a lot of the changes we are getting are SIGNIFICANTLY better content updates than we were receiving during VM7-9.
  • Longer than u can hold your breath. So..

    Don't hold your breath, maybe?
  • DvsvDvsv ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2018

    What exactly is the new content and different stuff from the same old thing that they are doing since vm5 patch?
    *Awakening? Like what they did with sorc, archer and warrior revamp back in 2016, more flashy skill and broken dps?
    *PVP and PVE leaderboards, just like what we got till vm7 patch?
    *Omg, new grindy gear set so we can burn our life or wallet, like what we got EVERY 6 month since pre vm1 patch?
    *More cosmetic so they can sell rng lootboxes or p2w stuff?
    *Laggy 5 fps rally bam?Again?

    And, maybe next year they'll release a broken elin locked class that will deal 50% more dps than everyone else, that will be the new killer content!

    Lol, after 6-7 years, do you rly think next patch will be any different?

    Ok, then show me:

    *Game optimization and netcode revamp so we don't need third party bs to play with more than 80 ms ping;
    *Open world revamp so there's any use on the dozen of GBs on Tera's folder, or just make a 5GB game with hw map and 3 or 4 instances;
    *True crafting revamp (so we can craft and sell endgame gear) not this grindy unprofitable stuff that they did with the uselesse gear revamp:
    *Balance the dam game with each region in mind;
    *Acknowledgement that there's a playerbase outside of korea!
  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭
    Seeing these posts constantly in the forums is getting a bit old. I get people need attention, but we can't see into the future. If you want to play, do so. If not, go. Slamming the game with fake questions like "how long before the game dies" is not only rude but annoying.

    BTW, if you even bother to create a new character and see how many people are leveling up characters, there is still a pretty consistent flow of new players.
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2018
    It's gonna be a good while before the game "dies completely", assuming we're being literal here.

    Is the game currently dying? Debatable. Is the game a shell of its former self? Definitely. I'm... not completely of sound mind at the moment (need more caffeine), but there are dozens of people who can better elaborate on TERA's current issues better than I currently can, if they haven't already.
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