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Does a crit factor cap exist?

edited March 2018 in PvE Discussion
If it really does exist, does anyone know what it is for Berserker?
Mine is a Castanic male with the extra 1% crit chance from behind.


  • When people talk about 'crit caps' they talk about a pivot point where crit factor has a lower contribution to damage output than other stats. Berserkers don't really have one.
  • I had a feeling that was the case. I've heard of diminishing returns and I used to follow the guide on Essential Mana, but my berserker seems to handle better when I stack crit factor on everything. I used to try balancing it out, but each dungeon has monsters with different levels of crit resistance. I figured if I just overstacked crit factor on everything then I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.
  • KetothKetoth ✭✭✭✭
    This was suppose to be a retired subsection of forums. anyway you can get the crit cap HERE
  • Thanks for the calculator. I have one more question. Are the crit resistance values listed for each monster the real values that were discovered within the game using some sort of tool, or are they just educated guesses? If they are the real values, then this calculator would be very useful.
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