Please fix or get rid of chat filter

I believe this needs to be more discussed.. They ban common words that are needed for callouts and overall helping players, giving them instructions and explaining to others for a better game experience.

Fix or get rid of it like pc.. or at least filter it in a way that others can toggle profanity on and off.. I get filtering profanity would be a good way to stop the hatred and keep the community less salty. But please, i feel like this really needs to be addressed..


  • Also, why are the names of the countries 'Canada' and 'Japan' the only countries banned in chat?
  • comacoma ✭✭
    It took me about 15 tries to make my name. My name on retail is Buttons, but noooo VIOLATION OF TERMS! Really? Buttons? Even Buttonz or Button? Nope, HORRIBLE WORD VIOLATES ALL KINDS OF RULES!!!

    But seriously, please ease up on the chat filter sh/t and rework it. C'mon this is ridiculous.
  • Its absurd and a HUGE QOL concern right out the gate. Needs to be changed ASAP, preferably before launch.
    I'm making a list of all the ridiculous words you can't use.
    I mean, c'mon, like i'm trying to ask someone about how to redeem tokens in game.... ya know tokens? nope can't say that word. TOKEns, lol.
  • It's an issue for me as well.
    I don't want to use voice chat in an MMO unless absolutely necessary such as end game raiding with guild members.
    Otherwise I want to use 100% text chat instead for daily dungeons and PvP or chatting while farming/questing etc
    This filter on everyday words makes it so frustrating to communicate via text chat in Tera.
  • Yes this is ridiculous.
  • DatGeekDatGeek ✭✭✭
    It has been a hot topic for the PC version for years. Not likely to get changed, sadly. It pisses me off to no end that they still refuse to get rid of it and put in a newer one that you can toggle on/off, and it is the only thing about this game that makes me angry and frustrated.

    This game won't make it on the console if the one thing that enables players to communicate is not fixed aka the chat. Sure, you got voice chat but who the hell wants to log on, enter a party and do a dungeon only to sit there listening to a 12 year old blasting justin bieber on his TV while singing along? I always mute the voice chat in any online game anyway.

    ESO has a text chat.

    DCUO has a text chat.

    They don't ban commonly words used to form an actual conversation.

    In fact, the majority of MMORPGS here in the west have a toggle feature for their chat filters, but even if you keep them turned on, they never block commonly used words, used in a normal conversation. Then again, those games aren't made by Asian developers using google translate for their chat filters..

    The chat filter in TERA Online is similar to that of other asian developed MMORPGs in that they all ban commonly used words. It really IS impossible to have any form of conversation with people through the text chat in this game.

    Wake up EnMasse! :angry:
  • I played tera on pc and the filter wasnt bad, in my experience I can say f..k and all that in chat and it doesn't get the same results as the beta chat
  • Same applies for name filters. I couldn't even use Skilled lol
  • DatGeekDatGeek ✭✭✭
    edited March 2018
    Calixen wrote: »
    I played tera on pc and the filter wasnt bad, in my experience I can say f..k and all that in chat and it doesn't get the same results as the beta chat

    I've played the PC version since the closed beta and honestly, it hasn't changed and is still a mess.

    Can't have a single decent, normal conversation without normal words getting blocked.

    Many times i tried getting a group together to do dungeons or other group activities, i've had to re-do my entire message because of that stupid filter.

    Same with normal conversations between people.

    It doesn't block every single word, obviously, but it blocks common words that aren't swear words which is ridiculous, and that's why it's been a hot topic on the PC forums for years as well.

    The console beta version uses the same filter type as the PC version from what i know.
  • Hmm never noticed, I've used profanity on pc that wasn't blocked.. weird, I don't know what to say, I'll have to go back on it and mess around with the chat there
  • Elinu1Elinu1 Canada ✭✭✭✭
    You should do a huge favor and play the PC version.
  • I did play the pc version, I leveled multiple characters to 65 and did very little endgame content, my potato of a pc can't handle raids very Well, especially if there's a gunner in the group lol so I stopped playing, I never really did notice the pc version being as strict as console, but as I said it's been a while
  • Let me try and send an image..
  • 2arU99Z.jpg
    ah there we go, i can't send it via mobile phone. well this was taken on pc.. so, if its not going through, then its a good illusion that i never noticed. maybe it's just world chat, but area chat and /say don't seem to be bad
  • > @Elinu1 said:
    > You should do a huge favor and play the PC version.

    Why would we play the PC version? Despite the bugs which are expected during testing, the game runs so much smoother on ps4. Lol
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