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a few players looking for Guild at PS4 launch

edited March 2018 in Guild Recruitment
Hey, Morlanith here.
I have a group of players that will be looking for a guild when TERA launches on the PS4.
We have played many a MMO, I have lead successful raids/guilds back since the days of vanilla WoW up thru WotLK. We have played thru Rift, GW1, GW2, Wildstar and FFxiv. I am not looking to lead, but I will be willing to help. We are all a little older now so we cannot dedicate the time like we used to. We are looking for a causal guild that is very understanding that RL does come first. We do plan on being on quite a bit, that is not an issue. We just don't want to be in a hardcore guild that requires play time/ getting to level cap asap all that stuff...we've been there done that. We want to enjoy the game, meet some new friends and have fun. Don't get me wrong, we still want to raid, do some PvP, and run dungeons. We love helping new players level up and getting to know everyone.
A nice, small causal guild that we can call home would be awesome to get going at the start of launch. Right now that are 4 of us: 1 healer (mystic), 1 tank (lancer), 1 dps (ninja), the 4th will either role tank or dps, he is not sure quite yet.
If anyone is looking to get something going and getting to know some people for the actual launch let me know. It would be nice to talk before the game launches to get prepared, I guess you could say, for what people are expecting to accomplish with their time in TERA.
Send me a message!
Morlanith (PSN: D13s14n)


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