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[Mystic] New Endeavors

A small guide for the new Mystics out there, for a smooth dungeon experience
Titanic Favor:
This is your main heal
Has a glyph to Increase number of lock-on targets by 2.

Boomerang Pulse
This is a two part skill, a forward and rebound heal. Does damage and also heals your party.

Arun’s Vitae
HP skittles for the party.
Has a glyph to Immediately restore 20% of your total HP
Note: Try to drop them near your party

Arun’s Cleansing Touch
This is your cleanse
Has a glyph to Increase number of lock-on targets by 2.

Mana recovery:
Corruption Ring
This is a two part skill, with the first dealing damage and then using it again will give out Mana for your whole party.
Has a glyph to increase MP output by 50%

Mana Infusion
This is alright skill to use if you have mana problems. You regain 100 MP every 1 second for 20 seconds.

Arun’s Tears
This is one of the other ways to give MP to your party and yourself, can pick them up to recover 20% of their total MP
Note: Try to drop them near your party

Crit Aura
Increases Power, Attack Speed and Crit
Note:Keep this on always and don't forget to reactivate if you die.

Mana Aura
Restores MP to all your group members every second
Note:Keep this on always and don't forget to reactivate if you die.

Thrall of Protection
Has a Glyph which gives every one 10% Endurance for 10 minutes.
Note: Don't use this when you already have a Tank at the boss. It makes it hard for the DPS to back crit and the Tank to actually aggro the boss.

An addition 5% endurance debuff for 20 seconds. Great for bosses.

Volley of Curses
Has a glyph that applies a 9% endurance debuff great for bosses.
Note: Try to keep this up 100% of the time.

This allows you to be quicker while in combat, you’ll be able to still move around at a faster speed than default combat speed. Only need one.

This gives you MP regen, which is vital if you’re constantly dishing out skills without getting MP back. Two or three is recommended

This is universal damage reduction and will help you a lot. For most dungeons. Four is recommended


  • DatGeekDatGeek ✭✭✭
    Thanks for taking the time to share :smiley:
  • Thanks for the share :) will be helpful once the game is released on console for sure.
  • You're welcome. Since there's a lot of new mystics out and about. Might as well put up a little guide. Happy Healing!
  • DeamonM85DeamonM85 ✭✭
    edited March 2018
    Do you have instructions for the priest?
  • Yeah, I've maxed out all the classes in TERA multiple times, Gunner being the most with five.
    I'll be putting all my effort into Lancer getting better on the console.
  • Bookmarked this, thanks for the info.
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